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Battlefield 2 Multiplayer Demo Weekend Extravaganza

Ryan FB

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A multiplayer demo for Battlefield 2 is coming out sometime today. GameSpot will probably have it first, I might be able to rehost it when it comes out, it should be around 450MB for the client. Anyone interested in giving it a go sometime over the weekend? I don't know if I'd be free for it tonight or not though. Also, does LCVG already have a Ventrilo server up and running? If not, I wouldn't mind hosting one (I have about 100KB/s upstream at home). Might be helpful for coordination during gameplay.

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I think BF2 has voice chat built-in
Right you are, it completely slipped my mind. :o


As I mentioned over in the other BF2 thread, I've been having some problems with it so far, but I'd still be up for getting together with some people on here and going a few rounds. Maybe the experience would be a little better. Anyone interested in playing some this afternoon or evening?

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Very fun game. Campers who lay down in the corner with C-4 or a rocket launcher are kind of annoying. :mad: However, I love the organization of the classes. For a team to be successful you have to have a little bit of everything. Very strategic. Bottom line, if you play with people you know it'll be one hell of a game. It's fun to get someone in the turret of a vehicle especially a tank and just tear it up. I shot down a helicpoter with an inplace .50 cal. :D I think I smiled just like that. Oh and being real sneaky and putting a C-4 block on the engine of an enemy vehicle and then running like hell and blowing the crap out of it is very satisfying.

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