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Whole buncha games!

General Zot

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I posted some of these at the HTF, easier just to cut/paste then you know, do any more work :D




Spring cleaning, these titles must go! Unless otherwise noted, shipping is $5 for one/two titles. All games are in great shape and come with boxes/maunals/disc in good shape.




* DDR Ultramix and 2 dance pads (PSX DDR for free, shipping will need to be $10 for all this stuff) - $45

* Frequency - $5





* Mechassault 2 (I'll throw in MA1 for free too) - $25

* Crimson Skies - $10

* Wrath Unleashed (was a BB rental, manual is a little worn) - $10

* Hunter the Reckoning - $5




* Rome: Total War - $20



Feel free to mix and match and make combo offers. All decent offers will be considered.




In addition to that stuff, I have a bunch of REALLY old titles that I would be willing to throw in with any of the above for free (well, shipping price) just to get them out of the house. I'll need to look through them all at home to post, but I know these are there:


* Nobunaga's Ambition for the PC (5.25"!)

* Blue Shift HL expansion, includes Counter-Offensive or whatever the other one was called.

* Sid Meir's Gettysburg for PC

* Norton 2003 Ghost (just don't need it anymore)

* Copy of WinME upgrade


I'll look later and append more titles if there are more. Let know if people want this stuff, first come first served...

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