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Last chance to have sex with Joel

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that reminds me



You know why the bride is smiling when she's walking down the isle?











































Because she know's she given her last BJ

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Two things:


1) Joel its not to late to back out of the whole marriage thing, talk to whooter and ringwraith, I'm sure they can point you in the right direction.


2) Please resize the image, its huge...if I have to scroll over on a 1600x1200 monitor its too big.

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I'm gonna assume that the "indention" at the top of the arrow is on purpose. :lmfao
The indentation was accidental, but welcome, and apparently funny. Joel wore a t-shirt with that image out to a bar tonight. Everyone left us at 11:15, so Joel/me/my brother played 7-11/doubles with a quarter keg of beer, alone. And I don't drink!


As for the image being too big. I feel it leaves suspense as you scroll to see what it actually says.

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