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DVD/UMD Movie Round Up 6/12-6/18


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Sorry the Round up is done so late


Hitch with Free magnets Hot Price

Tarzan II $19.99

Casino 10th Anniversary Edition $15.99

Jaws 30th Anniversary Edition $15.99

A Dirty Shame $19.99

King of Queens S4 $27.99

Tilt S1 $29.99

Reno 911 S2 with Bonus Disc $27.99

Northern Exposure S3 $37.99

Walker Texas Ranger The Final Season $39.99

Highlander The Raven Series $69.99

Hercules S1 $19.99

National Treasure $16.99

Batman $14.99

Batman Returns $14.99

Seinfeld S4 $39.99

24 S3 $49.99

American Chopper S1 $24.99

Andy Griffith S2 $29.99

Arrested Development S1 $29.99

Pretender S1 $29.99

West Wing S4 $47.99

SNL Will Ferrel 2 $9.99

Everybody Loves Raymond S1 $35.99

The Office $44.99

The Shield S3 $44.99

CSI Season 3 $69.99

Sopranos S5 $79.99

Band of Brothers $79.99

Deadwood S1 $79.99

The Wire S1 $79.99

OZ S1 $39.99

Curb your Enthusiasm S1 $29.99

Da Ali G Show S1 $24.99

Indiana Jones COllection $49.99

Rocky Collection $39.99

The Godfather Collection $49.99

Rambo Collection $36.99

Alien Quadrilogy $69.99

Die Hard Collection $36.99

Monty Python Quest for Holy Grail CE $19.99

Lord of the Rings Collection WS $37.99


2 for $15

Tora Tora Tora




We Were Soldiers

Once Upon a Time in the West

Thin Red Line

The 300 Spartons

Air Force One

A Few Good Men

Black Hawk Down


High Plains Drifter

For a Few Dollars More



Pirates of the Carribbean, Nation Treasure, Reign of Fire, Kill Bill V1 and Hero $19.99 Each


T2, Van Wilder, Saw, Open Water and The Punisher $14.99each


Hitch with Free Bonus Disc Hot Price

Tarzan II $19.99

Casino 10th Anniversary Edition $13.99

Jaws 30th Anniversary Edition $14.99

King of Queens S4 $26.99

Reno 911 S2 with Bonus Disc $26.99

Northern Exposure S3 $26.99

Seinfeld S4 $29.99

24 S1 $39.99

Sopranos S5 $64.99

Band of Brothers $69.99

Indiana Jones COllection $44.99

The Godfather Collection $44.99

Monty Python Quest for Holy Grail CE $17.99

Be Cool $17.99

Meet the Fockers $17.99

Are We There Yet $19.99

Seed of Chucky $19.9

Aviator $17.99

Chappelles Show S2 $24.99

Black Hawk Down 3 Disc Set $16.99

SW Trilogy $44.99

Friends S9 $29.99

Steve McQueen Collection $44.99

Tom Clancy Movie Collection $24.99


$7.49 Each

Purple Rain

Night at the Roxbury

All About the Benjamins


Breaken the Rules


Face Off



Cool hand Luke


Three Kings

Minority Report

Iron Monkey


The Hurricane


The Exorcist

Secret Window

Oceans Eleven


The Last of the Mohicans

SNL Chris Farley Collection

For the love of the game

Day After

Boiler Room

Major Payne

The Master


Deuce Bigolow

Cape Fear

Out of Time

Lethal Weapon 3

Risky Business

Coming to America

Get Shorty

Stir Crazy



Whole Ten yards


Die Hard 3

Die Hard 2

Resevoir Dogs

Above the Rim

Boondock Saints

Menace II Society

Mr Limpet


Eddie Murphy Raw

Whole Nine Yards


Assault on Precinct 13(Original)

Romeo Must Die

Dumb and Dumber

Sword Fish

In Too Deep

Italian JOb

Forrest Gump

The Fugitive

The Rock

Die Hard 1

School of rock



Hitch $14.99

Daddy Day Care $12.99

Saw $14.99

Van Wilder $14.99


Hitch Low Price

Jaws 30th Ann Edition $16.99

Tarzan II Low Price

Northern Exposure S3 $34.99

Reno 911 S2 $27.99

Little House on the Prairie S8 $34.99

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