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PC motherboard dilemma


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Well my desktop has been acting up for a while now and just this past Friday I finally took some time to work on it and came to find out that my motherboard is the root of all my trouble. So I began to look at buying a new board and well its just not worth it to buy a Socket 754 board today, so that means a CPU upgrade is also needed. And also the new boards are PCI-Express and I have a $500 AGP card that I'm not ready to get rid of, but buying a new board with AGP on it seems stupid right now. This system is almost a year old and I had planned to upgrade it, but not until September, but today I'm just not sure how long it can hold out. ARGGGGHHHH!

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You could be a copycat and just buy the same board as I did. No sense in going PCI-E given your great video card as it is.


My Asus A8V deluxe has been ROCK solid flawless. Then just buy a new CPU to go along with it something along the lines of a 3500+ 90NS or even go upwards from there. You should be able to use those with the A8V deluxe. I know a guy whom just put a 4000+ in his A8V deluxe rig.


You are welcome to check mine out sometime. Mine and my buddies systems both use the same components and neither of us have had a lick of trouble.


:tu :tu


Then again the A8V isn't renouned to be a great overclockers board. It's already blazing fast as it is.

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