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Happy Birthday!


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It's 4 years ago today that the Dreamcast was officially launched in North America on 9/9/99. 4 years later, Sega's gotten out of the home console hardware business, and is spreading its wares on every console out there. My, times change.


I think I'll have to fire up the lil white box of mojo tonight for some "retro" joy.

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So I'm a few hours late, but Happy Birthday Dreamcast. I still wear my Dreamcast T-Shirt that I got as a freebie for pre-ordering it. Nothing impresses the ladies like videogame apparel.


and the console that got me back into gaming after a long hiatus.


I've said that very thing myself. While I had a PSX since day one and an N64 since year one, neither system gave me the joy the DC did (does). It's the home of my favorite "extreme" basketball game - NBA Showtime. And many other great great games. PSO was the first game I played with Romier and Joel. I think Gary beat me in NBA 2K1 numerous times as well.


Good times.

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-I try to spend time with my Dreamcast at least once a week, it keeps'em form getting too jealous of my Xbox. ;)


-I keep seeing everyone refer to thier Dreamcast as white and that got me to wondering, do does anyone else have the black Sega Sports version of the Dreamcast? I one in a bundle with NFL2k and NBA2k. I Love the black because it seems rather unique to the Dreamcast line and it fits in well with my other HT gear!


Here, Amazon is nice enough to supply us with a picture on thier site,...



Happy belated B-day boy!

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Well I just won one of these bad boys on Ebay ($30!), so I will finally be able to enjoy Sega's final hardware masterpiece. Here are the games I have so far:


Virtual Tennis


Sega Smashpack vol. 1 (no idea what this is yet)

Dreamcast Generator vol. 2 (no idea what this is either)


Resident Evil Code Veronica

and Draconus cult of the wyrm


I'm not in to sports games much at all; I really like adventure RPGs, racing games and platformers. So with that in mind what games should I really be looking out for?


Also, the system I won has the standard cables, two controllers and a memory card. I would like to get a VGA adapter, any recommendations for one? Is there any other accessories I should get?


Can't wait for it to arrive! :D

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Racing games: Daytona USA, F355 Challenge Passione Rossa, Metropolis Street Racer [precursor to Project Gotham Racing], Test Drive Le Mans, Test Drive V-Rally, Crazy Taxi, San Francisco Rush 2049, Speed Devils, Demolition Racer; I love Wacky Races and Looney Tunes Space Race (cel-shaded racers).

Fighting games: Power Stone 1 & 2, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Project Justice, Marvel vs. Capcom 1 & 2, Dead or Alive 2, SOUL CALIBUR!

Sports games: NBA/NFL/NHL 2K2, Tennis 2K2, WSB 2K2 (not 1!), THPS 2.

Puzzle games: Bomberman Online, Chu Chu Rocket, Wetrix+.

Weird games: Jet Grind Radio, Rez, Space Channel 5, Seaman, Ooga Booga.

Shooters: Mars Matrix, Gunbird 2.

Action games: MDK2, Fur Fighters, Red Dog, Sword of the Beserk:Guts Rage.

Platformers: Rayman 2.

RPGs: Shenmue, Phantasy Star Online, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia II.


I have a Madness Gameware VGA adapter, works great.


I love my Dreamcast!

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-Adam, Adam, Adam,.. Such a great list, and you forget to mention Samba de Amigo? It's all good, I've got your back!


-Yo Solitice, if ya want a uniquely fun experience and ya can spare the $$, pick up Samba de Amigo and a set of Maraca controllers. If there were no other worthy game, Samba would be a great reason to own a Dreamcast, but alas you have plenty of great titles to spread your $$ on, hopefully you can steal a copy Samba somewhere.

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Sega Smashpack vol. 1 (no idea what this is yet)

Dreamcast Generator vol. 2 (no idea what this is either)


Smashpack is a Genesis emulator with 10 "classic" games like Sonic, Altered beast, Vectorman, etc on it. It's also got Virtua Cop & Swirl if I remember right?


The Generator Disks were demo disks included with the Dreamcast when you bought it. I believe there were two versions released through the lifetime of the machine in the US.


I've got a copy of Grandia 2 (complete with soundtrack CD) if you're interested in a trade at all - it's a topnotch RPG.


People have already made some really good suggestions for other games to watch out for, and there's an existing "Dreamcast Reccommendation" thread here:




As for accessories, I'd buy another VMU as you'll go through them quickly. One thing you'll quickly get used to is a "beep" whenever the VMU is plugged in - this is nothing to be worried about, it just means the battery is dead. It won't lose any data stored on it.

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Smashpack's also got Golden Axe & Shining Force on it (the reasons I bought it)!


Yeah but my god is the music emulation terrible. So very ashame. I would love to pop the disc into my dreamcast and enjoy Streets of Rage 2 in all of its glory but the sound emulation is so bad I cant stand it. I end up hooking up the Genesis and the hell with it :D.

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