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LCVG X-fire usernames

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Sorry if there's been a thread about this before. Couldn't find any.




Does anyone use this program? It facilitates online play with friends by having in-game IM capabilities so friends can invite you from one game into another by sending you a message, it has a stats recorder, displays your hours played, has a built in download manager, etc.


It can be helpful to arrange some spontaneous online play without having to arrange the whole thing and is a pretty nifty little program. Lets you save your recently visited and favourite servers so you can log onto them.


There are a lot of supported games, even the BF2 demo is supported.


My username is icecrown.

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We tried this awhile back and got two responses if I remember correctly. I stopped using it because it was causing problems with my network (frequent disconnects, etc) and because I started playing City of Heroes exclusively.


That was awhile ago and I might download a new version to see if it likes my PC any better.


My username is blackcalx.

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Just started using it. You can find me mainly playing Guild Wars and Battle For Middle Earth' date=' but I got my hands on UT2004 for $10 so I may play that some too :D[/quote']


Oooh I heard about the offer for the discounted DVD edition. Good for you. It's an amazing amount of content.

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