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DVD Round Up 6/19-6/25


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Coach Carter w/ free skull cap Low Price

Hostage Low Price

Cursed $19.99

Save $6 when you buy Hostage and Cursed together

The Jacket $19.99

Miss Congeniality 2 $19.99

Oz S5 $49.99

American Physco CE $14.99

Bewitched S1 with Free movie ticket $29.99

Team America Unrated $16.99

Hitch $19.99

Be Cool $19.99

Assault of Precinct 13 $17.99

Boogeyman $19.99

Normal Price/ Reward Zone Member price

Caddyshack $14.99/$9.99

T2 Extreme Edition $14.99/$9.99

Wizard of Oz $14.99/$9.99

Scarface $19.99/$14.99

Dirty Harry $14.99/$9.99

Dead Poets Society $14.99/$9.99

Jerry MaGuire $9.99/$4.99




Coach Carter w/ free ringtones Low Price

Hostage w/free bonus disc Low Price

Cursed $19.99

The Jacket $17.99

Miss Congeniality 2 $14.99

Oz S5 $47.99

Bewitched S1 with Free movie ticket $27.99

Hitch Low Price

Be Cool $19.99

Seed of Chucky $19.99

Aviator $17.99




Batman Returns

Batman Forever

Batman and Robin

Get Carter

US Marshalls

Blood Work

Any Which Way you can

The Rookie

The Dead Pool

Disappearing Act

The Art of War

Demolition Man

Pink Cadillac

Tight Rope



Coach Carter w/ bonus disc Low Price

Hostage $19.99

The Jacket $19.99

Miss Congeniality 2 $16.99

Cursed $19.99

Bewitched S1 w/ Free movie ticket $29.99

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