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Everyone love that picture of the hottie licking the PSP? Well she's writing for IGN.

Romier S

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I remember one of our members having the picture as his avatar of Jessica Chobot licking the PSP (I think its bickle IIRC). It's become a rather popular picture around the net we call inter. After recently doing an interview with IGN where she comments on her love of anime, manga, games and more she will now become a regular contributor on IGN believe it or not. She has her first "article" up where she goes into some anime/manga recommendations as well as comparing her two favorite MMO's of the moment (World of Warcraft and Guild Wars. She gives the nod to Guild Wars if you're interested). You can read it here:




(though you must be an insider to do so)


It's a pretty fun read, though it's more of a blog than anything else so don't go in thinking you'll get anything terribly insightful. Of course the "hardcore" gaming community hates her.




At least IGN can bring the eye candy. :)

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Although she's got some big-ass cheekbones...I'm not complaining... I bet she was a fat chick in high school and got all in shape as some bizarre form of torment for those who rejected her.


...which is really cool.


And, for the record, I don't mind a little grass on the playing field.

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