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Conker - 6/21 & 6/22

Chris F

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I'll be hosting a bunch of Conker multiplayer games to celebrate its release on Tuesday & Wednesday night.


This could actually change to Wednesday & Thursday night depending on when my copy gets in.


I'm looking forward to blowing some shit up and swearing a lot.

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I would like to send requests for ..sniff..sniff..friendship...is there a list of tags anywhere.

Click on member names and look at thier forum profiles. You will see many members have thier XBL tag right in there. Feel free to send me a request. I'll be happy to play with you.

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If there's a price drop in two months I might be on. ;)

Wait a sec... There's a squad based Xbox Live game with heavy weapons and snipers, some great teamplay elements with a high learning curve, and you're NOT buying it at launch?


Who are you and what have you done with James?

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I tried sending you a request but it said your friends list was full...you little socialite you.

HA! I'll log in tommorrow and clear some names off. I have a crapload of people on my list that I haven't seen in almost a year on Live so, it's just a matter of maintenance. I'll send you a PM when it's clear.

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Conker: Live & Reloaded: ACQUIRED


Played a few rounds against some AI units already, and it's GOOD shit. Boards are large, classes seem decent as well. It is a bit daunting at first, as there is a LOT to learn, and I heartily recommend watching the overview of each map before playing. It will sho objectives and other important information.


Had some fun in some vehicles as well, racing around running over guys and basically learning the layouts of 2-3 levels.


I'm already digging the sniper class, and getting headshots is supremely satisfying. :D


Hopefully I'll see some of you online tonight!

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