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Destroy All Humans

Romier S

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So no one else but me decided to buy this one? Shame since it's pretty damn fun in typical Pandemic "Mercenaries" fashion. I know alot of us are still in thrall of San Andreas so another GTA style sandbox game may not be your thing but this one has a definite unique quality to it. I've only played for a few hours but I'm definitely enjoying it as the missions get more complicated. Crypto gets to use Anal Probes on the locals, along with TK hurling cows, and using his flying saucer to wreak death ray havok on the countryside (using an overhead view and some nice explosion effects). All of this is set to a very Plan 9 From Outer Space/Ed Wood soundtrack and some funny banter between Crypto and the leader of the Furon peoples, Pox.


Alot of folks complained about the lack of an invert option in the demo, you'll be happy to know that has been corrected for the retail release. The game looks great too, and has a great physics engine to boot (very similiar to the one in Mercenaries for those that played through that game). Being that the summer has been a very quiet one on the game front, I'd definitely recommend those who enjoyed Mercenaries give this one at the very least a rental.

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Picked this up today, the xbox ver. must be popular as I had to hit 3 gamestops to find one and even then it was the display copy, they all had plenty of PS2 versions though.


Wow, my EB Games had about 40 copies. I bought the first one at about 2:00pm.

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