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AFI's 33rd Lifetime Achievement Award: A Tribute to George Lucas (SPOILERS INSIDE!!!)

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The AFI's 33rd Lifetime Achievement Award: A Tribute to George Lucas show aired last night on USA. Did anyone watch it?


I missed the first half hour (I switched to it just as the Stormtroopers were carrying off William Shatner I think it was) or so but watched the last hour and a half. It was entertaining and pretty funny. Obviously, as a tribute show, it was very reverential to George Lucas and his contributions to cinema but it wasn't without it's good-natured jabs at him (some of them self-inflicted). These are some of my favorite quotes paraphrased off the top of my head (forgive me if they're mangled):


"I told George, you can write this *bleep* (shit) but you can't speak it! Of course, it got nominated for best writing so what do I know?"

- Harrison Ford referring some of the tech-heavy dialog in Star Wars


"But the thing I'll remember the most about Star Wars... at least the EARLIER, FUNNIER chapters..."

- Harrison Ford


"Get on with it, George! Because if you wait too long... Sean will be too old to play my dad!"

- Harrison Ford on doing another Indiana Jones sequel with Spielberg and Lucas


"I went from not being able to write at all to being the king of wooden dialog."

- George Lucas on Francis Ford Coppola's support and tutelage early in his career


Carrie Fisher's speech was funny throughout although I was distracted by her Botox-ed lips. It was kind of shocking to see how old all the OT Star Wars actors and actresses are now. I think it's definitely worth watching. According to AFI's website, it's going to be replayed on June 25 at 2:00AM EST and June 26 at 9:00AM EST. I checked out USA Network's website and it appears that the June 25 2:00AM time is not actually 2:00AM Friday night/Saturday morning but 2:00AM Saturday night/Sunday morning.

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Carrie Fisher was freaking hilarious! She stole the show from the other speakers. She gave her whole speech as though she was going off on a tirade against Lucas, saying he ruined her life. Her rant-style delivery had me rolling.


"And that other girl, that queen Amidillo or whatever her name is, she got to wear a new costume every time she walked through a door. And I bet she got to wear a bra too, even though YOU didn't let me, because YOU said there was NO UNDERWEAR IN SPACE!"



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