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New EGM scores

Romier S

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Here they are:


Killer 7 (ps2/GC) - 5.5/5/6

MoH:ES (multi) - 7.5./6.5/6

NCAA Footbal '06 (XB/PS2) - 9.5/9/9 (TIE GOTM)

Destroy All Humans (xb/ps2) - 7/7.6/6.5

Star Wars Ep III (PS2/XB) - 4.5/ 5.5/6

Flatout (PS2/XB) - 6/4/4

Arc the Lad: End of Darkness (PS2) - 6/5.5/4

Colosseum:Road to Freedom (PS2) - 7/4.5/5

GTA:SA (XB) - 9/9/9.5 (TIE GOTM)

Conker Live and Reloaded (XB) - 5/7/8

Advent Rising (XB) - 4.5/4/6.5

Kirby Canvas Curse(DS) - 8.5/9/9

Bomberman DS (DS) - 8/6.5/8

Meteos (DS) - 9/9/9

Coded Arms (PSP) 4/6/3.5


Killer 7, Conker, and Coded Arms didn't fair very well at all. Meteos on the other hand is reason enough for me to have to own the DS again.

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I'm not too surpised by the Killer 7 scores, and I'll still be giving it a rent.


Im not really surprised, just disappointed. Honestly, I had no idea how well this title would do, since the game seemed to be so, umm, unique. I did see a video preview on Gamespot (i think?) where they gave it favorable remarks.


Still can't wait to try it out though. A rent does seem to be safer now.

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From the previews I've read, I'm seeing it as more of an 'experiment' rather than a regular game. The latest issue of Edge to hit B&N has a pretty detailed interview with some of the team, and it crops up again & again that the designer had a definite direction he wanted to take the game in & they had to come up with gameplay/controls to fit around that. I think anyone picking it up & expecting a regular game is going to be unpleasantly suprised.


One other thing that crops up in that interview is how the team always thought it would be more suited to the PS2 market than the GameCube market as it would have more people to find an audience within, but Capcom had signed the deal with Nintendo. Of course, it's taken so long to come out, it's coming out for both platforms after all.

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