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House of M/Infinite Crisis

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Is anyone else reading the big events of comicdom for 2005? I just picked up House of M #2 and House of M Spiderman and find myself still intrigued by the idea. I also picked up Countdown to Crisis a few weeks ago and was very impressed by the story.


With that said....I have to wonder why these stories are necessary. Marvel already has room to play with their universe in the Ultimate line and DC has gone to the crisis well one time too many. Marvel and DC are both messing around with bringing dead characters back (Gwen in Spiderman, Jason Todd a.k.a. Robin II, etc) and that never seems to end well. I will continue reading both series since I am a fan of Bendis and it seems like Batman (been a fan since i was a kid) is heavily involved in the Crisis.


Any thoughts?

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