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I'm not a networking expert but I know there are plenty of LCVG'ers out there in IT. I have a project here at work and I'm hoping someone might be able help.


Here is the situation, I work for an Audio Visual (A/V) company the works within a hotel providing A/V services for guests and functions. As part of a new contract my company has agreed to take over providing internet access in the hotel function rooms. There is currently a switching set-up in a back room where the hotel can manually patch connections to allow access in the various rooms.


Basically, the current system of patching is labor and time intensive. My company has asked to find out if there is a simple software based switching solution we could implement, and what would it take to get a new control set up in place.


Can someone tell me what we would need to do to get the ball rolling on such a project? Where should I turn for a solution, and what can we expect from this project?

(BTW, don't ask me why I'm the one charged with this project. Maybe I need to use less of that Geek-Musk cologne in the morning)

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