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F-ing Spyware

Rob B

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It pains me to say but if you're using Windows, have you tried Microsoft Antispyware? I believe they are still giving it away for free, and it has found stuff that Adaware or any of my other various tools always seem to miss.

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I had a really stubborn set of popup ads and it turned out there was an executable hidden on my hard drive that kept reinstalling itself every time I removed it with Adaware or Spybot. Chris (Ruffneck) suggested running HijackThis to list out my registry, then I googled everything I didn't recognize until I found the culprit. A time-consuming process, but once I eliminated the program (there were actually four programs causing the problem) the popups went away.

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I had a really stubborn set of popup ads and it turned out there was an executable hidden on my hard drive that kept reinstalling itself every time I removed it with Adaware or Spybot.


That's what most of the tough ones do. The last few that I've had put an execulable or DLL in the windows directory that would spawn an EXE that would actually run the spyware. This is what the anti-spyware programs find and delete, which would do no good because it would come right back.


I took almost an entire day getting rid of one of those, even when I knew what it was doing.

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anyone tried spysweeper or spyware doctor? I downloaded both to try them out, both have found things that microsofts, lavasofts adaware, and spybots Search and Destroy have been unable to remove, only problem is I have to shell out money for them to remove it, I keep getting these annoying pop ups...

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Spysweeper is really good, probably the best of any program I've used. My computer was completely and utterly PWN3D by some ultra ninja spyware that Spybot and Adaware were worthless against. Spysweeper completely decimated it and got me up and running again. I didn't pay for it after the trial because it took care of what I needed it to take care of, but it's what I'd buy if I was going to purchase a program.


Ah, the darker side of internet pr0n.

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I bought Spyware doctor because it found more things then the spysweeper search did. Now I had the trails for both versions, the trials do not remove the spyware anymore like they used to, they just report what they found, and then offer you to buy the program...so I bought it and my problem seems to have gone away

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I liked Spy Sweeper quite a bit myself - but now the downloaded trial only looks, and doesn't fix. :mad:


Your best bet is to download all these different apps. One of them will at least FIND the spyware and what it's name is. Then, google the name of the spyware for a detailed removal procedure - generally involving small utilities, booting into safe mode, registry editing, or all over the above.


This stuff is just plain sad. BTW: Does firefox have spyware problems, too?

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Damn it!!! Add me to the list of people trying to get shit outta their pc that shouldn't be there.


For me; however, it isn't spyware. I got a damn trojan that is pissing me off bigtime.


I ran the trial version of Adaware se and, it found it. 3 part to the thing. I'm at work so, off the top of my head, the one file it found was called zlbw.dll


I googled it and it's supposedly a pretty nasty one.


My virus checker, PC-Cillin, has a personal firewall that keeps catching this bastard program trying to call it's server, or whoever is trying to use my pc, and I then deny the connection.


Here's where it gets interesting. If I try to clean my pc with pc-cilling, as soon as it gets to the directory where this program was initially downloaded to, the virus checked ends up needing to report a problem to Microsoft, then immediatly shuts down.


If I try to access the directory through explore, Windows ends up doing the exact same thing, ie says it has a problem, needs to contact Microsoft, then shuts down. Of course I have to completely reboot then.


Adaware SE, when it finds this thing, locks up when trying to delete it and, trying to quarantine it doesn't do dick!


I'm wondering if I got the full blown retail version of Adaware, it would be able to do something. I'm thinking it won't because it's not like the trial versions you guys are talking about. It actually deletes stuff...not just detects. In fact, it's deleted several things for me in the past. This new one, it won't.


It also has detected a file that's part of the trojan, called something like: zlbw.to_be_deleted.dll


Don't know what that does but, I'm guessing somehow it does something to keep itself from being deleted.


Ahh....computers. I should've known better really. This trojan came through in an mp3 that I downloaded from Shareaza.


I've just gotten out of the habit of scanning every single music file I download. HABIT HAS BEEN REINSTATED!!!!!


...I hate the thought of having to do a complete reformat, even though I have important stuff backed up. Friggin hassle....

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