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DVD Round Up 6/26-7/2


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Its a slow DVD week, but there are some excellent deals on some Disney DVD's at bestbuy.


Also my new dvd review/news site is up at thisweekondvd.com so give it a look .




The Pacifier Low Price

The Daily Show Indecision 2004 $24.99

The Best of Welcome Back Kotter $14.99 (BB Exclusive)

Revelations Miniseries $19.99

Ren and Stimpy S3 $27.99

La Femme Nikita S3 $79.99

The Aviator $16.99

Hostage $19.99

Pirates of the Carribean $8.99

Mulan SE $8.99

Brother Bear $8.99

Aladdin $8.99

Haunted Mansion $8.99

The Three Musketeers $8.99


Tyler Perrys Diary of a Mad Black Women $17.99

Save $5 on the following with purchase of above title

Tyler Perry Class Reunion

Tyler Perry Family Reunion

Tyler Perry Meet the Browns

Tyler Perry I can do bad all by myself



The Pacifier Low Price

Tyler Perrys Diary of a Mad Black Women $17.99

The Daily Show Indecision 2004 $27.99

Ren and Stimpy S3 $27.99

Sienfeld S4 $27.99

Coach Carter $19.99

Hitch $19.99

Aviator $17.99

Chappelles Show S2 $22.99

The Phantom of the Opera $17.99

Miss Congeniality 2 $17.99

Sopranos S5 $69.99



Reservoir Dogs

Cop Land

The Mack


Frank Herberts Dune SE

State Property

Contract Killer

Machurian Candidate

Dead Presidents

Rain man

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

The Pianist

Road Trip Unrated

American Pie Unrated

Jurassic Park : Lost World

Animal House

Field of Dreams

The Best Man



The Pacifier w/ free preview discLow Price

Tyler Perrys Diary of a Mad Black Women $17.99

The Daily Show Indecision 2004 $27.99

Ren and Stimpy S3 $27.99

Even Stevens Movie $14.99

Cadet Kelly $14.99



A Walk in the Clouds


Amityville Horror



Edward Scissorhands

Anger Management

Men In Black II





Bourne Identity

Van Helsing

Somethings Gotta Give

13 Going on 30

LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring




Pacifier $14.99

Tyler Perry Diary of a Old Black Women $14.99

Miss Congeniality 2 $14.99

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