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DreamStripper - (Includes LCVG Staff Review)

Romier S

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For the raging hormone in all men. You can now own your very own stripper.


I actually ran across this while looking at some screenshots over at Rage3d. It's quite literally an interactive stripper you can make dance/strip and dress as you please. She is fully modeled (everywhere) and quite well animated from the test movie on the site. The demo allows you 10 uses or up to 30 days of stripper fun. The full version (19.99) allows a large amount of outfits and the ability to strip her until fully nude. Yes, you can never cross the line of depravity. :D


What's most interesting to me is how much work is actually put into this. You can take a look at a PG screenshot and it's quite impressive:




Here is the official site: http://www.dreamstripper.com/Index.html


Never ceases to amaze me the type of "games" that get made these days. ;)

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So, is the review of this most important title done?

Aside from some minor additions I need to make, yes it is. I wanted to spend a little more time getting used to the interface and the options available (can you believe it took me three days to find the actual options for a resolution change?).


The review will be done and posted tommorrow evening at 7pm EST.

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Staff Review: DreamStripper


Game title: DreamStripper

Developer: Ensign Games

Website: http://www.dreamstripper.com




So I find myself in a precarious position. This isn’t the typical review I’m used to writing so it’s a little difficult to find the right words to describe DreamStripper. I tend to spend most of my days playing your average videogames that include buffed up guys holding any number of weapons, and squirrels that fight large mounds of crap that happen to sing opera. So am I now to be labeled the porn king of LCVG? I don’t know about all that really. Of course some would consider this progress so who am I to argue?


DreamStripper in actuality is a fairly entertaining, but problematic piece of software developed by Ensign Games. Anyone expecting an actual game here will no doubt be sorely disappointed as DreamStripper is purely a piece of novelty software at best. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have its own redeeming qualities. However, whether these qualities are worth 19.99 of your hard earned money will be based completely on how much this type of product appeals to you.


She can dance if she wants to...


DreamStripper is actually comprised of two primary modes of play. The first of which is the “Gameplay Mode” which requires the user to purchase stripper minutes to coordinate your digital girls dance moves (we’ll refer to her as Candy from now on). As Candy dances around for you she will amass larger sums of money and garner cheers from the crowd which will in turn allow you to buy more time to create more complex routines.


Now, "complex" may be a bit of a misleading term to use here as there actually isn’t a lot of depth to the gameplay mode at all. You are allowed to use and mix up about 30 different dance moves all together, but you’ll find that you will burn through these far too quickly for things to be entertaining for very long. You can also change Candy’s outfit, change lighting schemes on the fly, and last but certainly not least have her remove every last article of clothing if you so choose. You can also hit the “Y” key on your keyboard to have Candy do a random sequence of dance moves for you to observe. All of these choices will cost you money of course, so the obvious goal here is to keep Candy dancing and making as much money as possible.




The outfits available to you include the ever sexy school girl outfit, leather dominatrix, the swimsuit, the maid and finally the nurse for those days when you are feeling a little under the weather. The lighting choices are also not terribly extensive as the game only allows you to set the stage in red, green, blue, or a sequenced variation.


All of these functions are controlled via the games GUI which is thankfully very clean. Candy’s dance moves are unobtrusively located at the top left hand side of the screen. Keep in mind that you will need to scroll down to get through the full list of moves, but this is a good compromise over having a large cluttered interface obtsructing your view. All of your outfit choices are listed at the top right of the screen with selections being changeable on the fly. Each of the outfit choices are also broken down into pieces that you can remove at whatever pace you like (the clothing disappears from her body, she does not actually take them off). The lighting functions are located below the outfit menu along with the “Oil her up” option which never quite seems to get old.


The second mode of play available here is simply called “Total Control” and it removes the need to spend money all together, giving the user complete control over of their stripper to do with as they like. You’ll find that your options here are limited to only dance moves, and outfit selections unfortunately. I could not find a way to enable the lighting choices or any other options found in the gameplay mode in Total Control which is a shame. A more pressing problem that needs to be addressed is that I have not been able to find a way to switch between these two game modes without having to close out of the program all together and restart from scratch. This is certainly not the most user friendly solution to what comes down to nothing more than simple menu choice!


This brings me to one of my main gripes with DreamStripper; the documentation for this product is absolutely horrible. The read me file for the game is pathetic, mirroring the in-game help function which is of no help at all. It took me three days, along with the browsing of two forums to find the video options for the game (hit F2), and even more research to actually discover how to use my own music (which is covered later in the review). Ensign would do well to revamp their documentation and at least provide users basic information on how to access their settings and use all of the available features.


My second and most important problem with this “game” is that there is really very little to do. The variety of outfits and functions really won’t keep your attention for very long if you’re looking for more than just spank material. The ability to record your strippers dance sequences for instance would add some definite value here. Furthermore, the ability to create screen savers from your recorded routines would add a great bit of functionality to this software.


Aside from that DreamStripper is just in dire need of options. More dance numbers, more outfit choices, different stripper appearances (you only get one model), and maybe even add in a few different venues for good measure. On the bright side, Ensign will be supporting this product with further updates so you may see a good deal of these suggestions materialize (the screen saver option is coming from what I’ve heard).


Damn she's fine!


If there is one particular area that DreamStripper excels at, it’s most certainly in the visuals department. The character modeling and texture quality is absolutely top notch. The amount of detail that has gone into this product is impressive to say the least. Upon pulling the camera in close you can see every pour of her skin, including small imperfections that add a sense of realism. You can also see tan lines and even whether our girl has waxed recently or not!




Candy will also run through a gamut of facial expressions as she dances that convey everything from orgasm to playfulness. Of note to those looking to get a glance of her nude, you will find that her special areas are not fully rendered. You will in fact get an eyeful from a a direct view of our wonderful girl. However, if you plan to pan around, or under for that matter, you won’t be seeing much.


Reviewer's Note: I have included links to two different full size screenshots so that you can sample the level of detail in the game:


Dream Stripper 1

Dream Stripper 2


The animation here, as noted, is superbly done. Most worthy of mention are the move transitions and how non-robotic her movements appear in general. The website claims to have used the same motion capture technology used in CG animated films, and I would be hard pressed to argue with them. Candy is very lifelike indeed.


The game also affords you full camera control which can be manipulated with both the mouse and keyboard. You can zoom in and out to get a closer or fuller view of the action depending on the situation. In a game like this, camera control is definitely a top priority and DreamStripper thankfully allows the user to choose the best viewpoint from which to enjoy the show.


If I were to make a complaint, it would be that the club in which she performs is quite literally empty. Patrons have not been modeled at all and it takes away from the games sense of realism and atmosphere. The club itself is also quite dull, but considering your eyes will be focused on our resident stripper this is a minor complaint at best.


There is definitely a lot to like in so far as the visual presentation here is concerned. Those wanting to use the game as demo material will find that DreamStripper showcases the latest in graphics “buzz word” technology including DirectX 9 effects, dynamic per pixel shading and lighting, pixel shader 2.0 support, normal mapping, and more. Even better, the game runs fantastic on low/medium range hardware. In the end, this is a nice piece of technology and it’s definitely worth showing off (just not to your significant other).


My ears hurt.


There is very little worth mentioning as far as audio is concerned. The game comes with one song (entitled Bliss) and that's about it. It’s your typical techno style strip club music and it’s entirely forgettable. You will also hear the sounds of the patrons clapping (made all the more hilarious since you can't actually see them in the club) when you perform a good sequence.


Thankfully you can select any MP3 of your liking to use as background music. However, there are some severe problems with the implementation of this feature. The program requires you to rename your music file to "bliss.mp3" for it to be recognized and played. Even then it won’t even bother to loop the song so as soon as the file reaches the end, you get no more music until you restart the application itself. What’s worse is that the ability to play your own music is heavily touted as a feature on the website. It's disappointing to find how shoddy the implementation is here considering that. I would have liked to have seen some type of play list feature that would allow several MP3’s to play in sequence at the very least. Hopefully this is at the top of the list as far as additions are concerned because it is sorely needed.


Final thoughts


So did you expect me to take some high moral ground with this review? Perhaps you expected I would come out and start spouting off on how this is nothing but porn and has very little reason to exist aside from us men sitting in front of our computers with our “man in hand” so to speak. Plain and simple, I’m no one to judge what people do. This software exists for a reason, and I’m more than happy to give it a look.


Regardless, I am here to judge this software on its merits and I continually come back to my opening statement; this is novelty software and little else. The 19.99 price tag will indeed be worth it for those that have an interest in this type of program to begin with. Others looking for a more full featured application will be left wanting more. I’ve not had much experience with stripper programs/screensavers in the past to be quite honest, but it’s hard for me to imagine finding a better looking application that does what Dream Stripper does. The program definitely has its fair share of functionality problems, but Ensign seems committed to improving things as time goes on. Here's hoping Candy will have a few sisters in the future!


Reviewer’s note: I will be speaking with Ensign regarding some of the UI issues and if there are workarounds or fixes for some of the problems mentioned, I will update this review accordingly.

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Very nice, Romier. It's great to see you getting back into writing game reviews more regularly...I really enjoyed reading them all the way back to the HTF days.


So am I now to be labeled the porn king of LCVG?


All due respect, my friend, but there can only ever be one porn king of LCVG and his name rhymes with "Shooter". :D

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:lmfao I love the avatar Joel. :tu


So does Ensign plan to model the goods down low in future releases?

I received a reply from Ensign on some of the UI issues I mentioned and they do have plans to add more models, clothing etc. as time goes on but it really depends on thier funding situation at the moment. There will be fixes in terms of documentation from what I've been told which is great as it's definitely needed.

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:lmfao I love the avatar Joel. :tu



Thanks! :D


So does Ensign plan to model the goods down low in future releases?


Kinda depends on whether you're looking for "DreamStripper" or "DreamGynecologist." ;)


Here's a couple of NOT SAFE FOR WORK pictures to illustrate what's modeled and what isn't...


Standing full frontal


Pass the speculum' date=' please.[/url']

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