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Favorite Live Games


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Most of my Live time goes to either Phantasy Star Online (still can't get enough of the same four levels on that one....love it) or Ghost Recon Island Thunder. However, I do enjoy Mechassault and Wolfenstein quite a bit. It's a pretty safe bet that you will find LCVG and members from a certain other forum lurking on any of those games at any given time.

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Depends on your online playing preference, Sean. Me, I prefer playing with the lcvg crowd, so my choices would lean towards the current flavor of the month.


I think ESPN Football and GRIT are the current flavors of the month. I had a lot of fun with RTCW and MM3, but I got tired of both and traded them in for ESPN Football. I know, I know, only savages trade in great games, but I grew weary of them.



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I only have two - MM3 and GR:IT


Island Thunder is turning out rather too complex for me at the moment, but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually - the fact that you don't stay dead until the end of the round is a godsend after losing at CS too much.


Midtown is the game I bought Live (and indeed broadband) for, and I love it.

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Ghost Recon Island Thunder is a great game. Iainl, I sent you a friend request the other day, let's get together over the weekend and I'll help you die...er...practice. :)


Also, whether you stay dead till the next round or not is a setting on the server, so you might want to check the server info before game start if that's important to you.

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Good choice on Wolfenstein, this was the first Live game that I got addicted to and it's still the best IMHO. Some other good titles are


ESPN Football

Inside Pitch(Underated game, might have trouble finding people to play against)

Mech Assault


There are a ton of games for XBL coming out in the next few months that look awesome


Top Spin Tennis


Ninja Gaiden

Rainbow Six 3:Raven Shield

Halo 2(of course)

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