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Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

Romier S

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I figured it was about time Ghost Recon 3 got it's very own thread. Gamepost has the news on the name change. The new sub-title is "Advance Warfighter". There is also a new video with some gameplay footage (some new, some old). You can take a look at it here:




Ubisoft's naming gives gamers a good look at what this edition will be about. The "warfighter" is the game's next-generation field soldier. Armed with near-future military technology, gamers will take the role of an elite super-soldier. At the crux of the warfighter is the Integrated Warfighter System, which combines advanced weapons technology, satellite communications, and new squad interactivity.


The game is set in the year 2013 in Mexico City which has been overthrown by an insurgence of rebels. The famed Ghosts must head into the capital to squash a rebellion and retake control of the urban metropolis. Gamers will lead their squad on missions to "save the president of the United States, recover stolen nuclear codes, and eliminate a vicious band of renegade soldiers hell-bent on unleashing catastrophe."


I'll be uploading the new vid a little later for you guys to get off of the server. For now you can stream it from GS.

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Bunch of high resolution shots of the game here:












More shots here:


Ghost Recon 3 High Resolution shots

Ghost Recon 3 High Resolution shots

Ghost Recon 3 High Resolution shots

Ghost Recon 3 High Resolution shots



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I hope the enemy tanks aren't so useless in the final game, though


Hah I know what you mean. The whole time I kept thinking the tank was going to fire its gun but it just sat there ready to be blown to smitherines. I am assuming this was done just for the sake of showing off how to take out a tank though.

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The new footage doesn't look nearly as good as the earlier footage, which it now seems must have been CG.


The MTV footage was indeed CG of some sort. From a recent 1up article on GRAW:


Does the actual game look anywhere near as good as the mindblowing trailer Ubisoft showed just before E3 this year? Well, disappointingly, no -- the next-gen dream is over, my friends. At least for the time being. The real version of Warfighter we played on the X05 show floor tonight was much more in line what you might expect from a nice, crisp, high-res version of a proper Ghost Recon sequel. But definitely nothing quite like the shock and awe we received when the first target video trailer made its somewhat misleading debut.
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