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Itunes 4.9 Released


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My wife just got me an Ipod Shuffle. Huge upgrade for me.

  1. 256Mb==>1000MB
  2. AA Battery==>Rechargeable
  3. Lightest Music Player Ever
  4. Itunes is so much better than every other software I've used for synching with my music players
  5. I can synch the Itunes songs my wife has purchased over the last year, finally

I truely value the small/lightness of this player. It is probably the most important factor for me.

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Any comments on the built-in podcasting stuff? I won't be able to install 4.9 until tonight.


well it seems kind of useless to me so far.

it seems as if they have a directory of podcasts, of which it is very easy to subscribe and have it automatically download the latest episodes. or you can manually download the episodes you want from an itunes store-like front.

there's also a new option on podcasts that allows you to delete them as soon as they've been marked as read.

you can right click on any podcast to mark it as read or unread as you need, this is a nice feature and an easy way to keep your podcasts organized. i have never listened to the same podcast twice so i appreciate that.


that's all fine and dandy, the problem is that there's a number of podcasts I want that they don't have listed. and so far there doesnt' seem to be a way to add them, maybe they need to publish their podcasts to apple but as of now i see no way of adding them.


personally i might use itunes to browse for new podcasts, but i'll still use ipodder or a software like that until I can manually add feeds to itunes.


oh i just discovered a new interesting feature in itunes. if your'e listening to a podcast and get half way through it you can pause, listen to anything else, then come back to your podcast at the same place. that is convenient. unfortunately the feature doesnt' seem to occur on the ipod, which is where the majority of my pocast listening occurs.

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I'm reading on other forums that iPods do support the bookmarking feature for podcasts, so maybe you do need to update the iPod's software.


I've also read that buried in iTunes 4.9 are menu items and options for syncing to an iTunes-enabled phone, indicating that rumors of the phone's imminent release are probably true.

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I've also read that you can, in fact, add your own podcasts by selecting "Subscribe to Podcast..." item in the "Advanced" menu and adding your own URL. Again, i haven't been able to try this myself yet, but it comes form a good source.




Guess I don't really need Ipodder now.

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it should also be noted that i have a 3rd gen ipod, not sure if that would have any effect on the "bookmarking" function working with podcasts


So far, the bookmarking update is only for 4th gens, Minis and Photos. I wouldn't be surprised if they back-port the change to 3rd gen as well; it isn't a particularly complex one.

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