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Indiana Jones 4: Coming Summer 2006


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I'd always hoped thirteen years of the three of them trying but failing to do a fourth film would have taught them a lesson. Riding off into the sunset at the end of The Last Crusade, back when they still had Denholm Elliot with them... it is such a poignant last shot to end everything on.


I don't believe it's something they're doing for the money, nor can I write off 4 being potentially a very good film (though I am sad they rejected Frank Darabont’s draft), but it still seems a rather pointless “doing it for the sake of doing it” endeavour when I’d be much more interested in Ford, Lucas and Spielberg coming up with an entirely new film project to collaborate on.



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I'm mostly concerned with Harrisons age. Mind you, I would be damn happy to be in the shape that he is in given how old he is. Though, I'm not sure about pulling off Indy at this point for old Han ;) .


Then there's the whole perfect ending at the end of Last Crusade which I also really enjoyed. Definitely intrigues to see where they go with this one.

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