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Flipnic! Ultimate Pinball (PS2)

Romier S

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I've been meaning to post about this game for the past few days ever since running across an update on Gamespot about it. The game is actually developed by Sony (same folks that did Fantavision) and is being published by Capcom. It's not your regular game of pinball and in fact it features some wacky mechanics and two player mini-games. One of which is an offshoot of Pong! that I've read some great things about (including an EGM editor that wrote an entire blog on how addictive it was). The best part is the game is being released on the 13th of July and will cost a mere 19.99!


Gamespot has a hands on report:


The Biology environment is undoubtedly Flipnic's showpiece, with all its mostly pinball-style gameplay taking place in a lush jungle setting, complete with waterfalls and wildlife that can be interacted with in some quite interesting ways. Like most of the tables in Flipnic, the Biology environment comprises numerous small gameplay areas connected by a complex series of ramps and rails. There's eye candy aplenty, but even the most indulgent sequences that play out as you travel between areas offer some interaction in the form of a flipper that will take you to another area, or to a spot where you can make your ball jump to collect coins. Your goal in Flipnic: Ultimate Pinball, unsurprisingly, is to score as many points as possible. And you'll find that the best way to do that is to complete various missions scattered throughout each of the game's environments. Some of the missions are relatively conventional for a pinball game, simply requiring you to hit a number of targets within a time limit, for example. Others, however, are far more complex and unusual.


You can read the rest here:










Also here are two videos for you to take a look at:


Flipnic! Video


Flipnic! Video 2

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Wow, an innovative pinball game? Count me in! I love the way this sounds:


Beating the first mission in the sequence will freeze a large portion of the jungle environment so that when you find your way back to the picturesque waterfall, you find a wall of ice in its place. Repeatedly hitting the ice wall will cause it to fall down, at which point you'll realize that there's an unusual vertical pinball table hidden behind it. This hidden table features numerous flippers and tunnels for you to negotiate, and if you make it to the top, you'll get into what is arguably the most unusual area of Flipnic we've seen thus far.


Sounds really cool.

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I'm sure the critics will pan it because of the graphics. :tu


I'll probably buy it because it looks like a ton of fun. I'm old school at heart, so I can appreciate something simpler.


And pardon the threadjack, but I also bought Gottlieb's Pinball Hall of Fame and I thought it was awesome.

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