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How frequently do gamers, um, self-satisfy?

How frequently do gamers, um, self-satisfy?  

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  1. 1. How frequently do gamers, um, self-satisfy?

    • Never
    • Once a month
    • Once a week
    • Once a day
    • I am right now (1+ each day)

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Wait just a minute! What about the Analog nub?


Touching is good.


I always manage to sneak in a bit of single player during the course of a day.


The big time problem with multiplayer is repeating the training levels until both (all) players are ready for the coop/adverserial game.

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While analog nub manipulation is great Carlucci, it's that stroking over and over that really gets some action building up.


Remember : Button mashing/fumbling = :mad:


Stroking and nub manipulation = :D :rock :tu


I have to admit, I don't wonder anymore why some gamers are single. :eh

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