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Lumines Now Bootable From Memory Stick

Dave C

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An ISO loader for Lumines has been released by some anonymous group. It requires a UMD (any UMD) to be in the slot, but it does boot up the Lumines ISO from the Memory Stick. People are reporting that it loads the game faster but with no sound.


I own the game so my only interest is saving battery power but with no sound I think I'll wait till they get the sound to work.

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FYI it is out now with sound and bootable without a UMD in the drive.


I do own the UMD, so I don't feel bad about trying out the "emulation". Indeed it loads much faster from the memory stick. Going to try out Mercury next (which I hardly play because of the load times...).

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I don't quite understand (and the linked page isn't coming up for me), is this essentially a crack of the game? You download this file, load it onto the 'Stick and that's it, you now have Lumies?


I can only imagine Sony will clamp down on this ASAP. I think we'll start seeing more firmware-dependent games in the future.

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Yep that is essentially it - load files to the root level and copy a couple of files to the /games directory and it shows up under the "Memory Stick" games just like the Nes emulators and the like.


Supposedly they are working on a hack where you just put any iso in the root level and then run a loader program.


As far as firmware dependant games - supposedly news games like Coded Arms do upgrade your firmware automatically for you.... but they already have a "loader" that will boot things from UMD bypassing the firmware update.


Edit - oh and I don't remember exactly but Lumines was under 200MB

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