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You Got the Touch! You Got the Power!


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I know many of the members of this forum are at the right age to have enjoyed playing with the Transformer toys from the mid-80s. I'm also sure many of you were fans of the TV show and movie. When the DVD of that film arrived several years ago, many fans were disappointed by the absence of the music video for "The Touch" by Stan Bush. If you happen to be one of those people, I have something very special for you.


The Touch Music Video


If you remember seeing this video from back in the day, it may bring back some fond memories. If you've never seen it, prepare for a pretty good laugh.


On a more personal note, I do remember seeing the video and the segment with the kid and the stop motion Optimus Prime that precedes it. In fact I had it taped and watched it quite often, just because I loved the song so much. Did anyone else ever catch this?

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