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secretvampire's Collection and Setup (Lots of pics w/ thumbnails)


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So it's a lazy Saturday afternoon and I've wanted to do this for a long time. My wife and I have been living out of boxes for almost a year after taking a long time to sell our house, changing cities, and finally finding a place and settling in. My gaming room is pretty much my living room as our house isn't huge, my wife puts up with it as I keep it pretty clean and she has an office to work in.


I am not really into collecting posters, figures, wall scrolls, guides, or any of the other stuff. I pretty much put all of my cash into GAMES and hardware. I probably own half of Jeff's (bug) old stuff through various sales over the past couple of years and as you can see Jeff, I take good care of it. So here it is!


I apologize for the quality of the pics, my camera is pretty crappy. All the pics are thumbnails, click on them for the full size pics.


View from just behind the sweet spot. It's a bit dark, but the only way I could get the screen to look close to normal:




A wider shot of the whole shebang:




Here is my rack of consoles, I keep one of each controller in the baskets on the side for easy access:




Closer view of my Neo Geo AES system, two component switchers, and my Japanese PS2:




On the top, my Gamecube, Sega Saturn, and Xbox. On the bottom, my modded PS1, regular US PS2 w/ HDD, and my SNES:




On the top, my Turbo Duo, NES, N64, and 3DO. On the bottom, my Sega Genesis/CD and Dreamcast. My Neo joysticks are down on the floor:




My audio/video gear, from top to bottom, my turntable, SACD changer, TiVo, region-free/PAL-to-NTSC DVD player, my regular DVD player, my 7.1 receiver, and an old relic I still use occasionally, my Laserdisc player:




My gaming PC. I don't do AS much PC gaming anymore, but it still gets some use and my machine gets the job done:




My console and handheld games. I keep my extra controllers and some loose carts in the plastic drawers, as well as my Taiko and Donky Konga controllers. You can see my SVS subwoofer nestled in the corner:




My longbox PS1 games, complete NES games, a few 3DO games, and the start of my PS2 games. I will be working more on my NES collection in the near future:



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Last of the PS2, my Gamecube games, and start of the Xbox stuff:




Rest of the Xbox, and a few of my complete Genesis games:




Start of my PS1 games:




Rest of PS1 and on into the Dreamcast:




Last of the Dreamcast, my DC and Saturn imports, my small TG16/Duo collection, my complete NeoGeo Pocket Color games, my few DS games, and start of the GBA games:




Rest of the GBA stuff, my complete GB and GBC stuff, and my very meager Virtual Boy collection (just started):




All of my handhelds, from left to right, an Atari Lynx, Sega Nomad, GBA SP, Sega Game Gear w/ TV tuner, NeoGeo Pocket color, Turbo Express, GBA, Nintendo DS, and PSP:




My small PSP and NeoGeo collections (just started on the Neo) and start of the Saturn games:




Rest of Saturn, my Sega CD games, and on into SNES:




Rest of the SNES and on into N64:



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Loose handheld games and the rest of my complete Genesis. Need to get some labels on the loose cases!




Loose Genesis and SNES carts:




More loose carts:




Some of my boxes in a closet, I don't have room to display this stuff. My Virtual Boy is actually in the box as I don't have anywhere to leave it setup right now:




My PC game collection, some of it is still packed away:




And for no good reason, my Quaker parrot, who probably wonders why the hell I'm always staring at that TV and making loud sounds come out of it. He's about 3 years old and has a pretty good vocabulary. Not pictured, my patient wife who puts up will all of this silliness:




That's it! Comments or questions are welcome.

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Very nice setup! That's a lot of gear in not a lot of space. Nice collection of games too. Well done.


Thanks! It has taken me a long time to get everything organized and accessible without having a huge room. I just recently got all of my consoles hooked up through switchers so I can just push a button and play on all of my older systems.


But the best part is the adorable parrot, what's his name?


His full name is Cosmo Quaker which is obviously (or not?) a takeoff on Cosmo Kramer. We of course just call him Cosmo, and he's a little goofball.

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Ok with all that equipment please tell me you own some dvd's.:)


That big wood rack looks familiar. I have the same one, only filled with DVD's and laserdiscs. I highly recommend it to everyone if they can still find it. I need to find myself another one pronto.


Just so you know your my hero. The dreamcast fishing controller which actually had a good game to use it for :tu


Oh and one other question. Just how many surge protectors do you use?:P

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Ok with all that equipment please tell me you own some dvd's.


Hahah...absolutely. I have about 200 DVDs and about 1500 CDs, just didn't think to take pics of them.


Oh and one other question. Just how many surge protectors do you use?


VERY good question, I have four of them behind there. I've been meaning to ask, but I don't think it's dangerous to have that many devices plugged in since I only use one at a time, and they are all plugged into surge protectors with breaker cutoffs. Any engineers out there please let me know if I'm wrong, I'd hate to burn down my house!!! :)

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Dont all electronic devices plugged in use some sort of electrical power for there internal clocks? I think 4 surge protectors could be a hazzard. To be safe why not shut off the ones for the systems you dont use often


I'm betting a lot of the older systems without any kind of settings or clock don't, but I think I'll re-arrange my surge protectors a bit just to be safe though.


Some of that stuff definitely looks familiar, nice to see my old NGPC, the only thing I ever regreted selling. And to think, you almost didn't get it thanks to the Post Office. Nice setup.


Thanks, Jeff! Man, I just went through and realized just how much of my hardware I bought from you:


Nintendo 64




Turbo Express

+ lots of games


Plus the GBA SP that I gave to my nephew. Damn!

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Incredible. You even have Intellivision games. But, do you have an Intellivision?


I sure do! I actually have my original Intellivision that my siblings and I got for Christmas when I was either 3 or 4. Nice that it never got lost or broken, and I still have all of the games for it. I don't have it hooked up currently though, stupid RF only connection. It was a really great system, beat the crap out of the Atari 2600 in my opinion. I guess these days I'd be an Intellivision fanboy. ;)

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