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Live 2: New Headset?


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I was just watching the weekend re-runs of Xplay on TechTV. They were showing Counterstrike for Xbox and several players were wearing Live headsets that were much larger and looked to be of higher quality. They looked like a nice pair of headphones. They had the Xbox logo on it so I assume they weren't a 3rd party accessory.


Is this new headset coming with the next retail version of Live?

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Agreed. During the extended RTCW and PSO binges my ear starts to feel like it's on fire. Hopefully the next version will feel more comfortable.



That's not the headset causing that burning sensation. It's all the trash talking flying back and forth. It heats the air inside the haedphones up. :lol:

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Count me in as hoping a better headset is on the way.

Also bought the dual-mic headset - I'll post how that is when I get it.


BTW, Madeleine Stowe has been a favorite of mine ever since the film Worth Winning (one of my many guilty pleasures)

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I didn't see it on their site either (I hoped to post a link).


Nevertheless, I bought mine at Best Buy for $5 (actually $4.99 or something).


Also, a lot of cell headsets have w-a-a-a-y too low volume in the ear piece. I know; I tried many different ones.


I have a cell headset from a dollar store that doesn't have the volume problem and sounds great. Unfortunately, the mic is the soap-on-a-rope style thingy built into the cord. People can't hear me too well.


I also made a headset with a computer headset that terminated to two 1.8" plugs (one for audio, one for mic). I chopped off the plugs and soldered it to a 2.5mm from one of the cell headsets from the dollar store. It works great, but was a pain to solder correctly.


I use the MadCatz exclusively now; the others are for backup.



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I broke my Live headset on Friday night, ended up picking up a Madcatz replacement. I find it very difficult to hear using it, but it'd probably be better if the earpiece were actually able to be centered over my ear. At least it was only $5. I'm gonna have to try a cell phone set i think, as this one will not see me through the fall.

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