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August OXM Demo Night

Chris F

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Well, this months (August) Official Xbox Magazine has 2 very big Live enabled demos!


Battlefield 2: Modern Combat - http://xbox.ign.com/objects/682/682920.html




Darkwatch - http://xbox.ign.com/objects/627/627257.html


I've had a chance to check out both so far - Battlefield is awesome. Not as pretty or advanced as Battlefield 2 PC, but should be a damn lot of fun on Xbox & Xbox 360. The demo does NOT allow a person to host, so we'll need to pick an official server to play on.


Darkwatch is a straight up DM game. Looks great, weapons pack a punch and runs real smooth. People can host a game with this demo.


I'd love to play these with some LCVGers this week if anyone gets their copy of the August OXM, or if they can find it in stores. Maybe later this week?

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I got my disk and will be ready, pending approval from the missus to play when you early-birds normally play.


Be sure to send me an invite even if I'm not logged in, as I will get the ping on my MS-messenger, and can then start the negotiations with my wife! :o



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If anyone wants to play tonight just send me a message on AIM. I just played Battlefield for almost two hours. I cant wait for the full version.


A couple of things. There is a problem with getting kicked every once and a while. I got locked up once as well. However for a demo is very good, and :tu:tu to EA for a Live demo



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This game reminds me a lot of SOCOM. Great fun with pain in the ass servers. :P I really can't complain though since it's only a demo and basically a free beta test for the servers.


Start off with some DarkWatch


Played a little single player but didn't look into the MP. Is the online portion co-op or PvP?

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