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RIP: My Nintendo DS

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Well, technically it is my Nintendo DS but I basically gave it to my wife when I bought my PSP and she plays the hell out of the DS on games like Mr. Driller and Zookeeper.


Anyway, my wife tried to turn it on the other day and the green power light would come on and both screens would flash on for a split second then the whole unit would turn off. It does this after being charged overnight and while being plugged into the wall via the AC adapter.


I checked out the Nintendo website for some troubleshooting tips but didn't find anything so I ended up just calling their customer support line. I must say that I came away completely impressed. The Nintendo CSR I talked to asked a few basic questions and had me try a few things out and when it still wouldn't turn on, he said he would send me a re-manufactured one free of charge. In 2-4 business days I should receive the replacement then all I need to do is put my defective one in the same box, slap on the provided return shipping label and send it back to Nintendo via UPS (free of charge again). I do have to send it back within 21 days or my credit card would be charged but I think that's fair and reasonable. The replacement would also come with a 12 month warranty from the day I receive it. All in all, it was a painless experience and a good example of keeping customers happy. My opinion of Nintendo has greatly risen because of this. I have never had a problem with any of my other Nintendo products I have owned (NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Color, GBA, GBA SP) but it's nice to know that when I do have a problem, they stand by their products.


If the DS only had a 90 day warranty, I would have had to buy a new one for my wife (I bought the DS in mid February). So mad props to Nintendo! :tu

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They have always had great customer service. I recall waaaay back I had to send them my original Gameboy to fix dead pixels. I used the orginal box and they sent me the box back along with my fixed Gameboy (it was out of warranty). Turn around time was pretty fast I recall. Still have that Gameboy too, but rows of pixels aren't lit anymore... maybe I should have them repair it again. ;)

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Just to update everyone, my replacement DS arrived via UPS yesterday (Thursday), pretty much exactly when the Nintendo CSR said it would. It looked flawless (no scratches, dead pixels, etc.). The only thing that kind of surprised me was the box they shipped it in. It was barely larger than the DS (maybe half an inch on all sides). But it included detailed directions on how to ship it back, a pre-paid UPS return label, a bubble-wrap sleeve to put the DS in, and a thick circular sticker to seal the box. Very well done. :tu


My wife is thrilled she can play Zookeeper again. :D

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The only people I've heard as good stories about as Nintendo is Infocus.


Someone on DVDtalk a few weeks back blew his bulb on his X1/4805 (I forget which) @ < 300 hours (rated avg of 3000-4000 hours). Infocus tech support said something to the effect of 'hmm that seems weird. Mail the projector to us and we will check it out'.


End result: They shipped him back his projector. New bulb with 0 hours, color wheel and insides cleaned, firmware upgraded. Even though the bulb was out of warranty.

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