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XIII preview/news

Robot Monkey

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I just read a preview at Gamespot and I'm *really* looking forward to XIII.


It seems the gameplay is developing nicely -- but still no word on how many players will be supported on Xbox Live. There was a rumor going around that it would only support eight, but I still haven't seen anything that leads me to believe it's more than a rumor.



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I'm very excited about the Live play. I'm probably among the minority on this site as I think the current crop of Live games leaves much to be desired. New and varied releases are badly needed, IMO.


XIII looks to be right up my alley.


. At present, the plan is to give each platform its own set of unique multiplayer games, in addition to a common offering of deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture-the-flag modes.


Huh. :?:

With Live being the only established online network on the consoles I hope they don't skimp on Xbox multiplayer modes/features. If anything they should offer more for Xbox than PS2 & Gamecube in terms of online play modes.

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How is Live the only established online network? Why should Xbox get more online modes/features than PS2? Obviously, GC is out of the online equation, but I think it's great that each console gets different features. It changes the "cookie cutter" aspect of most multi-console titles and gives the consumer a real reason to buy a specific (or multiple) version, as oppposed to just "better graphics" or "5.1 sound."


I read somewhere that the online (and they were talking about Xbox Live) was limited to four players.

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XIII Multiplayer Details...


Ubisoft announced today details regarding the many different multiplayer options that will be available for their upcoming comic book inspired FPS XIII.


PlayStation 2 players will benefit from five multiplayer modes including "The Hunt" and "Power Up" with up to four players online, in addition to the two-player split-screen offline. The exclusive PS2 multiplayer mode, Power Up, is a custom Deathmatch multiplayer mode, which includes various pick-ups ? some classic pick-ups are replaced with funnier ones, such as "Frag Instant Death" (ability to kill opponent with one shot) or "SuperGnome" (character becomes deformed). Additionally, pick-ups are chosen according to the player's score position. The best player will receive the worst pick-ups and vice versa.


In the Hunt, players chase a running target throughout the map. Points are scored depending on how much damage is afflicted each time the target is hit. The more times the target is hit, the smaller it becomes, so scoring becomes more difficult. Players gain extra points by killing the target, but touching the target results in death!


Xbox gamers can dive into four-player split-screen offline multiplayer or enter into online battles with up to eight players. The exclusive Xbox Live mode is "Sabotage," where two teams compete to take control of different strategic points in the map. One team must defend the control points, while the other team must sabotage them within a certain time limit. The defending team wins if time runs out, while the attacking team wins by destroying all of the defense points.


Nintendo GameCube gamers can get their fix of XIII multiplayer action with up to four-player split-screen in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Hunt modes.


The PC version features online multiplay for up to eight players per map, and an exclusive map editor for gamers to create their own action-packed levels.

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Originally posted by Robot Monkey@Sep 10 2003, 12:28 PM

Eight player max, eh?

Yeah, I'd rather them promise 8 player and DELIVER 8 players.


What's the use of promising 16 player (like GR:IT), when network conditions prevent you from ever achieving it?


I note that it doesn't mention system link play. Wonder if that's supported?


Also interesting that the PC version will only support 8 players online.

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Has anyone downloaded and tried the demo for the PC?


Yes, I just tried it at lunch. Pretty good, actually. It runs really smooth, probably because they aren't using many polygons. I was able to crank the resolution right up on my work PC which isn't exactly the latest gaming rig. I like the stylish comic book look and the little cutaway panels that pop up when something out of the ordinary happens. For example, I shot a guy that was standing on top of a cliff and the panel showed him falling off to his doom "aaaaAAAAAHHH!". Pretty cool stuff.


There were a fair amount of weapons available in the demo too. Fists, throwing knives, 9mm, revolver, AK, M-16, crossbow, grenades, shotgun, and stuff you can pick up as you find it like bottles and chairs (chairs are especially fun). I wasn't able to play for too long, so I'm sure there's even more stuff I didn't come across yet.


All in all, I was impressed and I look forward to playing it on my Xbox.

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I'll be getting this game but I'm a little disappointed it's only gonna support 8 players online. Then again, MechAssault (which I like) only supports 8 people, so it might not be too bad... OTOH, how cool would it be if you could play MA 8 vs. 8?

Maybe I'm getting a little spoiled and/or jaded playing BF 1942 on 32, 50 or 64 player servers, but I want that kind of action on the Xbox.

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I just got back from Best Buy, and saw that they have an XIII reserve bonus thing going on for the PS2 version at least (and a surprising number of other games). Basically, there's a little thing you can buy for $5 that has a XIII demo disc and a soundtrack CD, and it counts as $5 off your reserve of XIII. Not sure if they're doing anything like it for the GC or XBox versions, but I didn't see any packets for it in the sections for those consoles.

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