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A New Final Fight....for PS2 and Xbox

Romier S

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Final Fight: Street Wise is scheduled for release this year and was announced at E3! I hadn't even heard of the game until today which is crazy. Too much hardware news to absorb at E3 that some of this stuff was buried for me. This new game will feature the brother of Cody, one of the original characters in Final Fight. The developer of the game, Secret Level, will also be reworking one of Sega's classic titles (rumors point to Sonic). You can read through some impressions here:




You'll take the role of Kyle Travers, renowned pit fighter and the brother of Cody Travers, who was one of the original Final Fight characters. Cody gets kidnapped by an underground gang, while the whole of Metro City is in upheaval thanks to the rapid spread of a new designer drug. Kyle must deal not only with the forces who've kidnapped Cody, but also with the random violence that's erupted throughout the city. As you make your way through the campaign, expect to run into some familiar faces from previous Final Fight games, including original Final Fighter, Mike Haggar.


The overall style of Streetwise is gritty, with the city plunged in a perpetually grimy darkness. This Final Fight game has a very dirty mouth. The character designs seem more conservative than in the original Final Fight, which offered '80s-style punks with colored mohawks, biker chicks in dominatrix-style clothes, and burly wrestlers who bore a suspicious resemblance to Andre the Giant. By contrast, the characters in the first screenshots of Streetwise are clad in typical urban gear, like gold chains, baggy cargo pants, and bucket hats. Parts of Metro City look much like a war zone, with collapsed buildings, fires, and debris to move in and around. Since the game is now fully 3D, you'll be able to explore the city in a somewhat open-ended nature, finding NPCs to interact with who'll give you missions to complete as you inch closer to rescuing Cody.


Looks pretty decent so far. I enjoyed Spikeout for what it was and this looks like a more refined game that sticks to the classic beat-em-up style formula. Some may already not like the sound of that, but it definitely appeals to me.

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I already knew it was going to be bad, but this is deliciously bad. What a disgrace for a classic series....


The funny thing is, crapcom probably could have developed a 2D Final Fight with Guilty Gearish sprites for less money than this game, and it would have at least been a big hit with old school fans. Now they have a game that fans of SNES/Arcade Final Fight will look at with disgust, and newly minted gamers will pass over for the innumerable superior DMC clones.

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