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Gears of War: Xbox 360.

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1up.com has a new preview for the game in which they cover its progress now that they have moved it onto the final development kits. You can read the full preview here:




Answering those critics, just before this year's Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft and Epic invited us to check out the game -- running on the newly unleashed final Xbox 360 development kits. And it looks better than it did at E3. Not drastically better (or even drastically different, given that the level they showed was one of the levels that was shown at E3), but for those worried about the company not being able to produce the same level of quality in the visuals, this undeniably shows that the game will look that good (or better, if Epic is to be believed).


In the demo we checked out, the characters and environments looked just like they did at E3, but other minor details were improved, such as the nice dramatic motion blur effect when you turn quickly and the polished look of the line that shows up when you aim to throw a grenade (which now looks futuristic). The framerate appears to be improved on the E3 version as well, and though it's still not 100% perfect in all areas -- the game doesn't come out until 2006, after all -- it's clearly well within reach and we don't see the occasional hiccups showing up in the final version at all.


Glad to hear they are already seeing framerate improvements and the game is look even better.:tu

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ONLINE CO-OP. Better yet. a friend can join even if your in the middle of a game alone. WOOT

:rock Sounds awesome. This along with recent news that Perfect Dark will include an online mode (perhaps playable online) makes me very happy indeed. Still a bit disappointed that Call of Duty will have no such mode though.:( If Bungie releases Halo 3 without an online coop mode in '06, I will personally throw burning monkeys at thier headquarters.;)

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Yeah, I remember hearing about coop being a big target point for the developers. I thought it was local coop though. First I've heard of the online mode. Of course I've not made an effort to follow much of the game aside from some screenshot viewing/movie watching since it's still a ways off.

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IGN calls it a 3rd person tactical shooter.


I read the article in GI a while back, and the plot is set on Earth after decades of war has ravaged the planet. All of a sudden a new enemy starts popping out from deep inside the Earth's crust. So the battle is now against these new monsters.




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Thanx for the link, Bendak.


That game is looking DAMN sweet! :tu I am glad to see that it's not non stop run-n-gun but, there seems to be a little bit of exploration involved.


With graphics as nice as those, exploration; ie being given enough time to check out those nice graphics, seems like a good idea instead of just constant mayhem.


Maybe Halo III won't be the game that makes me get a 360. It may be this one, depending on which one comes first.

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Another link to the demo from Zero Hour. It's shaky cam footage but it's pretty steady and shows the game off well. The game looks like a combination of Ghost Recon like tactics with horror elements, and some absolutely drop dead gorgeous visuals. The developer showing the demo comments that the version he is playing was polished from the older builds in only two weeks of having the final development kit for the 360. He also notes that they expect the final game to have double the framerate shown, which is mighty impressive as the game looks extremely playable from the footage alone.


Quicktime Version

Windows Media Version

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