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Explosions in London


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News looks like hell in a handbasket - multiple coordinated explosions on both Bus and Tube networks. BBC is probably the best place to get details right now.


edit - By the way, I'm obviously OK, as I posted this. My brother (who works in central London) is fine as he emailed me around an hour ago, too.

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Glad you are OK, my thoughts are with all the LCVG members, and friends and coworkers in London. I was in shock when I heard it on the radio this morning, and feel for what the city must be going through today. Hang in there everyone!

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I work about 1 mile from King's Cross and there were sirens going by the office every five minutes for about 3 hours straight this morning. I don't get the train into work anymore, but I used to all the time. Passed through King's Cross every morning, albeit earlier than the blasts happened. We just left work (driving) at 1:30 in the afternoon and got home about 3:00, which is actually brilliant time considering. If we left any later you'd be talking about 3 hours or more to get home. No idea if its even worth going in tomorrow yet. Been sitting watching the news since I got in really. Dan (Angry the Clown) is in Scotland so he is not caught up in this in case anyone was wondering.


Black day...

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Good friend officially freaked out now. She's just put two and two together, and realised that the bus that blew up is the bus she had been on until about 15 minutes before, when she got off because it was about to be diverted away from where she wanted to go.


Until two weeks ago (when she changed jobs), my wife would have been sat next to her on the top floor, too.


Holy fucking shit does that scare the bejesus out of me.

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Life is but a game of miniscule measurements; seconds and inches. How many times I've gone through King's Cross and Russell Sq station on the Picadilly line I cannot count.


A friend could have been at Edgeware Road this morning at the time of the bombing but stayed off of work because they felt sick.


Seconds and inches...

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