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Confession time


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For some reason (probably a masochistic desire to be laughed at) I felt the need to admit this. I bought Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction on Sunday.


Whats more, I'm enjoying it. I know, the control system is dire, with its singular lack of subtlety in turning, its inability to stick left/right on the left stick and forward/backward on the right, rather than vice versa, and its PS1-quality graphics. Yes, I can see that its a horrible cash-in.


But for some bizarre reason I can't help enjoying the game. I'm enough of a fan to actually see the new series being shot a fortnight ago (well, its actually that we were taking our friend's 10-year-old, who adores the show), and the fact that you get to design the robot you compete with (from a selection of parts) is brilliant.


Basically, imagine if Gran Tourismo had crap handling (so, thats Sega GT then ;) ) but you were a complete petrolhead, and nothing like it really existed.


Am I terminally sad? Or does someone else out there not think it totally sucks?

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