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Raze's Hell


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Rented "Raze's Hell", thanks to Gamefly, and have spent an hour or two playing it so far. It's very reminiscent of Armed & Dangerous to me, third person perspective shooter, with organic terrain ala A&D. However, the look/feel of the setting is much more fantasy in Raze's Hell. The plot is your the evil baddy for once, getting to kill lots of cute & cuddlies who are out to save your village from its ugliness by destroying it, basically. It's actually a political satire of the current American administration. Seriously.


Gameplay is okay so far - slower paced than A&D, with fewer ammo types available to me so far. There's a stealth element, but in practice, it's more a case of planning your attack using the terrain, sniping enemies from afair before going in guns blazing.


I'm enjoying it, but it's far from essential & at most a diversion. When I rented it, I didn't know there was full XBL support. Unfortunately there's even less players on it than Carve. Zero. Ziltch. Nada.


The developer is Artech Studios, best known for well, nothing. They're a 'port house' developing lots of licenced properties, most recently Trivial Pursuits Unhinged. That showed promise as does this. It's a shame to see a studio try to break out to do something original with such mundane results.

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