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2005 Fantasy Football League

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I am going to start a fantasy football league on ESPN (it's free). I plan on keeping the league to a max of 10 - 12 teams, head to head, and a live draft. Although the league is just for fun please don't join if you cannot commit to finishing the season. The last few years we had too many teams quit during the season. I think by keeping the league to 10 - 12 teams there will be more talent to spread around, so if you have an injury or something there will still be starters available to pick up. I would rather create two leagues if we have a lot of interest, otherwise there are not enough players to go around.


I guess it will be first come first serve, so just PM me your name and email address - I have to email the invites.



1. cane corso

2. captDS9E

3. reeldeal

4. Lupo

5. Whooter

6. Brandon_S

7. boogieman

8. Gary P

9. Nightwing

10. Chatakinns

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All the scoring and preferences are set at the default. Once the league fills we can discuss and make any changes that you would like. The date has not been set for the draft (ESPN does not have the dates yet). I guess if we don't fill the league with members from here we can open it up to friends/family. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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The date and time appears to be whatever we want. I figured once we fill the league we could find a time. We need 5 more teams. I guess I will give it another week, hopefully some of the usuals will join (Calvin, Leslie, Brian, Bruce, etc.) ;) If not, we can open it to others.


ESPN has a lot of different options. You can have joint owners (in case you don't have time to manage a team by yourself), can trade draft pics, etc...should be fun.

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This has been a real treat after toiling in last place all of last year. Anyhow, here's my dilema. Do I play Peyton Manning and risk him only running a series or two, or do I play David Garrard who hasn't played half bad himself and I don't think they'll bench him for hte 3rd stringer?


PS. Todd, if you had beaten me for the 3rd time this season I was officially writing off fantasy football:)

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I came dangerously close to losing to Mark three weeks in a row... :eh

I'm actually quite upset I didn't beat you that third week in a row. Your team absolutely went off this week! I couldn't believe it, every time I looked at a scoreline i'd see a TD next to your players...and i knew them so well having met you three consecutive weeks.


i was at the oilers/flames game last night and i heard the score in the mnf game and knew that the only hope was that the defense had scored 35 of the points.


Stupid Warner, he was on pace for a huge game that would have made it interesting.

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