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Fun movie game


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Not getting the 80s one to work for some reason. On the first one, I'm missing C, E, H, J and Y. It's interesting how different ones are stumping different people.


I was convinced H was From Hell, but apparently not. Odd.


Ah. Got the 80s one working now, but can only get 15 of them. I'm rubbish.

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80s answers



A= Starman

B=Batties not inculded



E= Escape from New york

F= Back to Future

G ?

H= Howrad the duck


J= BettleJuice


L= Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

M= Mask, Family guy just poked fun of this one.

N= Annie

O= Platoon I think


Q = Manaquine

R= Who framed Rodger Rabbit

S= Splash

T= The golden child?

U= Point of Now return

V= Adventures In Babysitting


X= The Explorers

Y= Friday the 13th

Z= Return to oz or Wiz Of Oz


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