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DVD Round up 7/17-7/23


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Got the ads a few days early this week


Constantine (2 Disc) Hot Price

Constantine (3 Disc) $24.99

Bad News Bears 3 pack $16.99

The Oblongs $29.99

Lost in Space S3 $22.99

Saved by the Bell S5 $22.99

Dead Like Me S2 $29.99

Cleopatra 2525 Series $37.99

Earth 2: Complete Series $37.99

Sliders Season 3 $44.99

Laguna Beach $29.99 ($10 coupon towards select MTV dvd)

Team America World Police $19.99

Coach Carter $19.99

Hitch $19.99

Million Dollar Baby $19.99

RZ Members $15,000 Bonus points which purchase of any of the following 3 dvd's

Ice Princess $19.99

Diary of a Mad Black Women $17.99

Man of the House $17.99



The Manchurian Candidate

Starship Troopers 2

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

The Missing

Forrest Gump

Mona Lisa Smile

Natural Born Killers


Secret Window

Italian Job

American Wedding

Days of Thunder

Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible 2

Enter the Dragon



Constantine (2 Disc) $14.99

Constantine (3 Disc) $22.99

Laguna Beach $27.99 (Free Keychain)

3 Ninjas Collection $19.99

Ice Princess $19.99

The Pacifier $19.99

Million Dollar Baby (2 Disc) $17.99

Man of the House Low Price



Matrix Reloaded

Matrix Revolutions

Kill Bill v1

Kill Bill v2



The Usual Suspects

The Godather 1,2,3 (each $9.99)


Bourne Supremecy

Meet the Parents


Man on Fire

Jackie Brown


Ice Princess Low Price

Constantine $16.99

Laguna Beach $27.99 (Free $5 gift card and bonus disc)

Man of the House $19.99



Little Women

Machurian Candidate

School of Rock

Italian Job



Princess Diaries

Big Fish

Little Black Book

Open Water

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