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Possession for Rev, PS3 & Xbox360


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I didn't see any posts on this game, and I hadn't heard of it yet. Forgive me if already discussed, but it looks awesome. Play as an army of Zombies, ROCK ON.




(revolution announcement and some more pics)



In the new next-generation game Possession, you will take control of a mutated, powerful zombie leader and literally command and control hundreds of zombies in a revolt against a tyrannical capitalist corporation.


Finally, Possession is in the works to be an online game. The online plans are a little less, erm, fleshed out at this point, but all five zombie types, plus the enslaver, will be available for a multitude of modes. Players can use cricket bats and chainsaws in various modes, and a single Enslaver player can control the horde and hunt down a handful of FPS survivors, or they can grab a shotgun (or even a cricket bat!) and see how long they last against the hundreds of zombies.




Spiced up with mandatory Simpsons zombie pic. !BRAINS! :drool

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