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Worms coming for the DS & PSP


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Stolen from the Team17 forum:


Both the PSP and DS editions will feature classic Worms gameplay - as vociferously requested by our fans. Both versions have been in development for some time, news on release dates will follow much later in the year.


The PSP will utilise 3d background imagery and zooming, full width 16:9 proportions. It looks cute as sin http://forum.team17.com/images/newsmilies/wink.gif


Both platforms feature ad-hoc wireless play and of course, hot-seat play as well as single player games that suit the play patterns of the devices. I.e. short bursts.


The DS will feature touch-screen use; planned to be finger rather than stylus control to make it better for hot-seat situations. The touch screen will be used for map scrolling, weapon controls and stats.


The gamecode is all new for both editions and not a port of earlier 2d games.


A 3d version of Worms is not currently planned for these devices, for both technical and play-factor reasons bearing in mind their screen resolution and suitability to the original 2d game mechanics.



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If you're desperate for some portable Worms, the DS game should do the trick. That's about the nicest thing I can say about it :(


I really haven't played it much, though. Haven't even tried multiplayer yet, which is all I bought it for. Everybody just wants to play Tetris and Hunters right now :/ Just based on the few missions I played, I really wasn't impressed. The interface seems awkward, forcing you to switch between d-pad + buttons and using the stylus all the time. It's not much to look at if you've played Worms 2/Armageddon/World Party much. The camera seems to jerk back to your worm when your shot lands, since you have a few seconds to move after firing, but that means you constantly miss seeing the results of your shots! If I remember right, with the PC games the camera didn't refocus unless you actually moved your worm. That camera hoping, especially on the small screen, combined with the so-so graphics, makes enjoying your handy work a bit difficult.


At least it sounds like Worms.


Might be fun for a long car ride (with friends) some day...

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