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Harry Potter Hype


Have you been bitten by Potter Fever ?  

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  1. 1. Have you been bitten by Potter Fever ?

    • reading the books
    • watching the movies
    • playing the games
    • All of the above
    • More then one of the above
    • None of the above
    • Who is Harry Potter ?

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Where were you at midnight on July 16th 2005 ? Were you hanging out at your local bookstore with your wand and wizard cape ? Or were you safely tucked into bed asleep ?


Are you reading the books ?

Only watching the movies ?

Or even only going so far as to just play the games ?

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OMG this thread is just asking for me to pick on Harry Potter a little.




For a society that shuns fantasy and sci-fi books as an inferior genre practically not even worthy of acknowledging, it's amazing that Harry Potter has all this fanaticism.



Then again the public loves those Dan Brown and spy thrillers that are like the #1 bestseller books. I read "Angels and Demons" for my intro to History class, what a formulaic book-version-of-an-action-movie (and just as plausible). I blew through it in a total of like 8 hours or so all together. A page-turner but highly implausible; also historically & scientifically out-of-whack. :rolleyes:


So maybe it just means Harry Potter is a crowd-pleasing fantasy-lite, kinda like a Jerry Bruckheimer of books :D Just teasing, I know it's better than that, even the movies are OK :D I didn't mean to compare Rowling to Bruckheimer, honest, just kidding with ya Harry Potter folks (ducks flames).




My wife reads the Harry Potter books and loves them (we were out at midnight to get it) but also doesn't understand the hype, saying basically "they're good, but not that good...and the formula is starting to get old."


I finished reading formulaic kiddie fantasy books when I was a kid (Xanth, most D&D world books). I moved on to better fantasy books (and the occasional formulaic adult fantasy book - Terry Brooks I am looking at you) :D Don't get me wrong, I have read a spattering of everything, honestly, occasionally sucking down one of my Grandpa's westerns or my Grandma's classics/Reader's Digest condensed books when I was living with them...to reading some of my wife's quirky stuff she leaves it in the bathroom.


Oh well. Anything that helps the fantasy genre is good - maybe in the long run it will help the genre (along with the LOTR movies). Maybe some of the kids will grow up and move on to Robin Hobb and George RR Martin, and fantasy will stop being this shunned, underappreciated genre. Then again, maybe then we would end up with a Dan Brown-ish version of LOTR as the bestseller, with Robert Jordan writing book 37 of the Wheel of Never-Ending Time. :eh


I will probably end up reading Harry Potter at some point, honestly. Stacey will leave the first one in the bathroom at some point, and it's sure better than reading the Pottery Barn catalog, or Entertainment Weekly. I did enjoy the last movie, it was almost good fantasy (you should avoid time travel though - time travel, like resurrection spells, is very problematic story tool).


And she does say she is gonna read it to our kid - that is, of course, after he/she is born and old enough (a couple of years from now).

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I'm in the camp that has only seen the movies, which I have enjoyed.


And I'm certain that the books are more interesting, since, all else being equal, books will always be the more detailed and rich form compared to movies. This isn't to say that books are "better." They are simply different art forms that tell stories in very different ways.


The best thing I can say about the books, not having read them, is that they have clearly inspired a generation of kids to read. This is a big deal, and something for which Rowling should be highly praised.

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The best thing I can say about the books, not having read them, is that they have clearly inspired a generation of kids to read. This is a big deal, and something for which Rowling should be highly praised.





Personally the thing that is was making America dumber and dumber was the tendency that "stupid is cool" IMO. God forbid you do well in classes or read a book in public, as a kid. I think hopefully in recent years, reading on the internet to some degree, and Harry Potter, will help the newest generation of kids to actually read (even if the internet makes their spelling worse). It was astounding to me how many kids in my classes, even more recently in college, had trouble reading passages aloud from a book, and how reading is treated with disdain.

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It's basically picking your poison and what stigma you want attached to you. I love to read works of fiction, but then you have a problem that goes in two different directions. You have people that think if you read, you get lumped in with folks like the Lisa Simpson's and Comic Book Guys of the world. In other words, people who pass off as, well, arrogant. Then you have people who thumb their nose at you for reading Stephen King and think you're dumb since you don't read, to paraphrase Bob Dylan, works from an Italian Poet from the 15th century. I like reading Dickens, but I wouldn't proclaim myself much more learned than somebody who doesn't. Athletic arrogance exists too, but that's another rant for another day.


I was there Friday night for the midnight sale. And believe me, my liver needed the break from all the drinking I've been doing lately. Anywho, I think it's understandable why Harry Potter is such a big deal. I have no doubt it's very light reading so to speak, but it's fun, entertaining, and very well-written. As much as I love LOTR (my favorite books BTW), it's sometimes gets to be a chore to read through some of the passages. The Harry Potter books don't get bogged down so to speak (Order of the Phoenix being the lone exception). Another appealing aspect of the books is that they get better with each one. The writing gets better with each one. I watched the three films, and have managed to read four of the six books (I'm starting from scratch).

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