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Some wonderful animation

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I've been enjoying the work of an animation group known as Monkeehub recently. I say group, in many cases it is in fact one fellow doing the majority of the work and there are two particular examples I felt it was high time I promoted because I love them so much.


The first is the music video for 'The JCB Song', which is a charming little tune from an little known British band called Nizlopi and it's a beautiful video that never fails to perk me up when I am down. You can view it here.


The other is an un-commissioned video for the acoustic version of Radiohead's 'Creep' which is equally brilliant but in entirely different ways to the video above. This one you can view here.


The characters in the Radiohead video come from the Low Morale series of shorts which can be viewed on the same site. My favourite is the one about the Apple logo.


Does anyone else know any work from similar underground animation artists to share?



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That was way fun! I thought animation #12 on the Low Morale site (the one with the Creep video) was pretty good.


As long as we're talking about neat animation -- check out these SpotWorks offerings, in particular Kunstformen der Natur: White Dub (right-click and save). I understand that the music backing it is in the trance genre; if that's true, I need to get some trance shit in my MP3 player.

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Having finally put my money where my mouth is after enjoying the JCB song for song long I today received Nizlopi's album 'Half These Songs are About You' and am listening to it right now. I have to say I think it is an absolutely wonderful album, and without doubt one of the best blind musical purchases I've made in ages.



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