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WTB: Old PC games


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I have a complete/mint copy of Celtic Tales: Balor of the Evil Eye for DOS. Pretty good strategy/RPG type game where you have to put runes together to cast spells.


Can't find it on wikipedia but it was a pretty cool DOS game.


You have Betrayal at Krondor? Now that's a bad ass ancient RPG.

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PMed you, Dean.


I've never heard of Celtic Tales but that sounds kind of interesting. Who made it and what year? Oh yeah, I've got the whole Krondor series, I love it.


I did find a pic of the box on ebay...




It was a KOEI game. Used to play it with my buddy at his house back in the day.


Most of the other links I can't hit from work (blocked by firewall by the "games" keyword"). I did see a youtube video showing the ending?? Man, everything is on youtube!

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