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DVD Round up 7/24-7/30


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Best Buy

XXX State of the Union Hot Price

Blast $16.99

Steamboy $17.99

Enterprise S2 $99.99

Battlestar Galactica Season 1 UK BB Exclusive (Free Bonus Disc with preview of Serenity). $49.99

Buy Battlestar and Sliders S3, Earth 2 S1 or Cleopatra 2525 on the same receipt save $15

The Jerk Special Edition $14.99

Not Another Teen Movie Unrated Edition $14.99

Kings Ransom $19.99

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Vol 7 $19.99

Upside of Anger $19.99


RZ Member Deals Regular Price/ RZ Member Price

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 $27.99/$19.99

Gilligans Island S3 $29.99/$19.99

Brady Bunch S2 $29.99/$19.99

Remington Steele S1 $29.99/$19.99

The Mary Tyler Moore Show S2 $29.99/$19.99


2 for $20

Sling Blade

Garden State

Mean Girls

Borune Supremecy

Pulp Fiction


Howard and Kumar go to White Castle

Harry potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


The Terminal


Two Brothers

Silence of the Lambs

Usual Suspects

Gold Diggers


First Daughter

Shaun of the Dead

The Grudge

Into the Sun

Big Daddy


Resident Evil Apocalypse


Raise your Voice



The Forgotten

Gangs of NY

Coyote Ugly Unrated Extended Cut



XXX State of the Untion Low Price

The Jerk SE $12.99

Steamboy $19.99

Kings Ranson $14.99

Upside of Anger $17.99

Remington Steele S1 $27.99

Brady Bunch S2 $27.99

Million Dollar Baby $17.99

Constantine $17.99

Coach Carter $17.99

Hitch $17.99



Harlem Nights



Five Heartbeats

Hunt for Red October

Menace II Society

10 Thing I hate about you

49 Hours

Enter the Dragon

Thin Red Line

Whole Ten yards

Whole Nine Yards

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat Annihilation

Reservoir Dogs

Original Kings of Comedy

My Cousin Vinny

Trading Places

The Long Kiss Goodnight

Money Talks

Above the Law

Training Day

Three Kings

The First Wives Club


XXX State of the Union Low Price

Upside of Anger $16.99

Mary Tyler Moore S2 $29.99

Brady Bunch S2 $29.99

The Jerk SE $14.99

Kings Ransom $19.99

Third Rock from the Sun S1 $29.99 ($5 gift card)

Remington Steele S1 $29.99 ($5 gift card)

The Bob Newheart Show S1 $19.99

Mash S8 24.99

Ren and Stimpy S3 $19.99

Chappelles Show S2 $21.99

Full House S1 $21.99

Sex and the City $21.99

Newlyweds $16.99

Gilmore Girls S1 $39.99



Frank Herberts Dune SE

Last of the Mohicans

Boys Dont Cry

SNL Chris Farley

Young Guns



Barbie Fairytopia


Stripers SE

LOTR: Return of the King

American Psycho

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