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The NFL 2005 Season


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With the 2005 season right around the corner, I figured it was time to start discussing. Us Packer fans actually have something in common with Eagle fans......I think we both feel Drew Rosenhaus is a jackass. Walker and Owens, the teams elite WR's, could possibly be hold outs. In the case of Walker, he had a break-out season, but lets see him do it one more time before he starts demanding more money. Reading into Owens comments about wanting to do "what's best for his family", I almost wonder if he is worried about another injury that would prevent him from the really big payday in the future? I almost wonder if that ankle may give him more problems.


My early Super Bowl predicition: Patriots defeat the Vikings for an amazing 3rd title in a row.



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The 2005 season is upon us and no discussion. Let's fix that!


Lots of teams making moves and lots of various distractions. A few first round picks remain unsigned as of now including:


Ronnie Brown - Miami

Pacman Jones - Tennessee

Antrelle Rolle - Arizona


Lots of teams switching over to a 3-4 defense such as San Fran, Dallas, and Cleveland with Baltimore switching back to the 4-3 alignment.


The only serious injury so far is Todd Pinkston of the Eagles.


NFL Network is doing 50+ preseason games starting this Weekend. Some in HD if your Cable or Sat provider will do that.


Other news I've seen:

Holdouts: Bubba Franks still holding out, Corey Simon still holding out of Eagles camp and TO came to camp but left today after a discussion with Andy Reid.


Should be an interesting year.

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