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Level 5 follows up Dragon Quest with Rogue Galaxy (PS2)

Romier S

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As many know, I kind of left behind the Japanese RPG scene awhile back. It simply stopped appealing to me after so many of the games released started blending together. There have been some exceptions though. The Shin Megami Tensie series has kept my interest. Shadow Hearts as well. One company though, whos games I've come to anticipate really sank it's claws into me with Dark Cloud 2 on the Playstion 2. Level 5 is the companies name and they really got me excited when the announced True Fantasy Online. An online RPG for the Xbox that was subsequently cancelled!


Recently they completed work on the latest Dragon Quest game (Part VIII, known as Dragon Warrior in the US). That game is due out soon in the US, but Level 5 are already hard at work on thier latest and it looks truly stunning. If it's even remotely as deep or engaging as Dark Cloud 2, I will be quite pleased. Take a look at the new trailer for it right here:


Rogue Galaxy from Level 5

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You said Dragon Quest, I'm listening. Talk about rave reviews in Japan, my change jars are full and ready to pay for it. :D


My friend's mom is super-addicted to Dark Cloud 2. His parents were always PC gamers (stuff like Pirates, city simulations, strategy titles (TBS that is), etc...and the occasional NES rpg like Dragon Warrior. They have a NES and a PS2 these days, and every time I stop by, his mom is playing Dark Cloud 2 - he tells me she is addicted but that it is a really good game.

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The US version of Rogue Galaxy will have some additions and improvements over the Japanese release:




First off, an entirely new planet has been added to Rogue Galaxy. The Japanese version only had four planets, and now Level-5 has added the water world of Alisita onto that number. Even though the planet doesn't contribute to the overall story arc, it does contain plenty of hidden items.


Developers have also made plenty of changes to the combat system as well. Chain attacks are no longer random, players now collect orbs during battle and get to choose when to unleash these special attacks. There are also new battle animations, special moves, monsters, costumes, and weapons. Plus, they've changed the layout and graphical look of several planets and dungeons and added new content to the Insectron Tournament sidequest.


The game now comes on a Dual-layer PS2 DVD to accommodate all of the new content, including over 2000 lines of additional dialogue. This extra space also allows for less compression of the FMV sequences so they'll look even better than before.

I read some reviews of the Japanese version that were a bit down on the combat due to the specific issues mentioned here. It's great to see Level 5 make the additions and improvements. I can't wait to play it!

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Ahh, delicious, thanks for posting that, Brian. After the good times I had with Dragon Quest VIII this year, I suspect that one of next year's big RPGs for me is likely to be this very game. And, really, when was the last good outer space RPG released that didn't have the Star Wars brand all over it?

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Checked out the demo of the game tonight and frankly - it's not the best of demos. Instead of solidifying this as a must-purchase, after playing the game I just don't know what to think. Overall it appears to be pretty impressive, but the demo is extremely short (2 selections that you can play through - one a romp through a village area with a few random encounters, and another section which basically is a boss fight). I'm sure there's quite a bit more to the combat, but the demo doesn't really ease you into the mechanics of it -so that's a wait and see. Plus your party members seem to have this habit of uttering one a small handfull of phrases every couple of seconds which I can easily imagine getting quite old, quite fast.


All said and done however, while the demo easily could have done a better job giving people a feel for the game, it's certainly still high on my "watch list" and I'll definately be curious to see how the final product turns out.

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