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Michael Bay's "The Island" - Review


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I was a bit apprehensive about seeing this movie due to the mixed reviews and Bay's typical direction however it was 100+F outside with nasty humidity and I didn't want to stay home so I went and saw this movie. The other movies that were out did not interest me one bit.


The movie explores a hot button issue that is Stem Cell research. Instead of using the movie to push his viewpoint like most of what hollywood would do, he uses it as a plot device. Whether he did this intentionally or not is another story and anyones guess. My feeling is that if he would have explored the tough questions surrounding the issue it could have been either too boring or it would have came off as an agenda film.


Anyway we have a 2019 and the world is polluted. The escapees are living in a self contained city where they believe the only existing place on earth other than their home that is uninfected is a place called "The Island". To get to the Island, the "government" that polices the city does a lottery and selects one person to go to "The Island". Within this self contained city, people are living their lives like anyone else except they must be and must stay happy(much like the movie Equilibrium). They all wear white to identify whom they are. The "police" are identified by black shirts.


Lincoln Six Echo aka Ewan McGregor is one of those citizens and his naive friend Jordan Two Delta(Scarlett Johansen) is another. Jordan's curiosity gets the best of him and away the movie goes. The movie is two parts welded into one. The first part is more story driven and the second part is more action driven. The action is spectacular when it occurs but Bay fans whom are familiar with his type of movies will go in expecting more than there was. This is certainly more story driven that typical Bay films of yore.


Along the way we meet the other characters like:

Sean Bean - might remember him from Patriot Games as the terrorist

Steve Buchemi - what would a Bay film be w/o him?

Michael Clarke Duncan - small part but important.

Djimon Hounsou of Amistad and Gladiator fame.


The movie is somewhat predictable depending on how good you are at figuring stuff out. The end is easy to predict.


While it may seem a little long at just 2 hrs and 15 minutesish, it flew by.


The movie has a few flaws with regards to the breakneck pacing towards the end, the believability of the actors doing some of these things(just see it to understand what I mean here) and worst of all the product placement(think Bond films but more obvious).


Not bad but not typical Bay either(although he did steal an action sequence from his own film for this one).


7 out of 10.

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