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Xbox360 - Information, specs, games, and more - Part III


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Isn't Microsoft's Japanese event this coming Monday (the 25th)?

And they're still due to announce a date for their August event in North America (when, supposedly they set pricing and specific release info).


ADMIN NOTE: You can read Part I of the Xbox360 discussion here:




You can read Part II of the Xbox360 discussion here:



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Apparently the 360 will feature a Parental Control function allowing adults to set the console to lock out any content in games that may be deemed inappropriate for younger gamers.


Presumably parents will fail to know this feature even exists and things will continue as normal, though it just being there may add another layer of protection to developers who’re hauled into lawsuits via the media everytime someone wants to complain about a new release.





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Isn't Microsoft's Japanese event this coming Monday (the 25th)?

And they're still due to announce a date for their August event in North America (when' date=' supposedly they set pricing and specific release info).[/quote']


It actually takes place sunday our time. Hopefully, we might get the scoop late sunday night. Its supposed to be 90 minutes long. They're promising a big event, but it could turn out to be a real snoozefest like sony's meeting.


Just to add some additional info for IGN.


Invited We Are

To the Xbox 360 Japanese press conference!

by Anoop Gantayat

July 24, 2005 - So we're checking the IGN Japan mail box the other day, and guess what we find? That's right, another stylish Microsoft Japan invite!


These invites are for Microsoft's 2005 Xbox summit. Taking place at a fancy hotel in the heart of Tokyo on Monday from 1:30 to 3:00, this year's Xbox summit promises lots of new announcements and surprises for Xbox 360, which is headlining the event, as you can see from the artwork on the cardboard invite plates.


Last year's event, for the record, featured as its headlines playable demos of Blinx 2 and Phantom Dust. Not too exciting, but to make up for it, Microsoft handed out copies of the Phantom Dust demo, allowing us to enjoy this fine title from our home.


Maybe this year's conference will include playable demos of Xbox 360 games. Maybe Microsoft will let us take those demos home and pretend to play them using the Xbox beta kits that we don't have.


All will be made clear starting 1:30PM Monday, Japan time. That translates to about Sunday 9:30 or so in the PM Pacific time, so be sure to check back with IGN Xbox 360 at that time.

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This is a release from Xbox Japan


Top Japanese Publishers Announce Commitment to Xbox 360

Blockbuster franchises such as ?Resident Evil? and ?Ridge Racer? are coming to Xbox 360. TOKYO ? July 25, 2005 ? Today at the Xbox? Summit 2005 in Tokyo, more than 50 of Japan?s elite game publishers pledged their support for the Xbox 360? video game and entertainment system, underscoring the momentum Microsoft Corp. is amassing behind the next-generation console. The games announced today, to a standing-room-only audience, span a full range of genres and include titles previously exclusive to other video game systems. These next-generation games, including major titles such as ?Resident Evil? and ?Ridge Racer,? showcase the incredible experiences enabled through Xbox 360, presenting entertainment experiences that are always connected, always personalized and always optimized for high-definition television, while also spectacular on standard-definition televisions. By leveraging the system?s revolutionary combination of hardware, software and services, these developers have brought their globally popular brand of gaming artistry to the next generation.

Japanese publishers that announced their support today for Xbox 360 include Capcom Co. Ltd., Konami Corp., Namco Ltd. and Tecmo Ltd., among others.

?Japan is one of the most important video game markets in the world and is a key pillar of our global strategy for Xbox 360,? said Peter Moore, corporate vice president of Worldwide Marketing and Publishing for Xbox at Microsoft. ?Our deep commitment to the Japanese market is evident in the exciting and unprecedented alliances we?ve forged with Japan?s most talented and beloved game developers. Their new Xbox 360 titles will show the Japanese community and beyond that we are committed to defining the next generation of interactive entertainment.?

Xbox 360 Game Titles Shown at Xbox Summit 2005



? ?Call of Duty 2?

? ?Tony Hawk?s American Wasteland?

? ?Quake IV?

? ?Gun?

A R C System Works Co. Ltd.

? ?Versus Tactical Action? (working title)

Artdink Corp.

? ?A-Train X?

Atari Japan Co. Ltd.

? ?Test Drive Unlimited?

Bandai Co. Ltd.

? ?Mobile Suit Gundam? (working title)

Banpresto Co. Ltd.

? ?Super Robot Wars? (working title)


? ?Biohazard 5 (Resident Evil 5)?

? ?Dead Rising?

Cavia Inc.

? Title TBA

D3 Publisher Inc.

? ?E-D-FX? (working title)

? ?Chambara Beauty X? (working title)

Eidos KK

? Title TBA

Electronic Arts K. K.

? ?FIFA Soccer 2006?

? ?NBA Live 2006?

? ?Need for Speed Most Wanted?

FromSoftware Inc.


Frontier Groove Inc.

? Title TBA

G.Rev Ltd.

? Title TBA

Genki Co. Ltd.

? ?Shutokou Battle? (working title)

Hamster Corp.

? Title TBA

Hudson Soft Co. Ltd.

? ?Far East of Eden Ziria ? Tales from Distant Jipang?

Idea Factory

? Title TBA

Jaleco Ltd.

? Title TBA

Kids Station Inc.

? Title TBA

KOEI Co. Ltd.

? ?Dynasty Warriors 5?


? ?Winning Eleven? (working title)

? ?Rumble Roses XX? (working title)

? ?Proyakyu Spirits? (working title)

Marvelous Interactive Inc.

? Title TBA

Microsoft Co. Ltd.


? ?Every Party?

? ?Project Gotham Racing? 3?


? ?Frame City Killer?

? ?Ridge Racer 6?

? RPG Title TBA

? ?Love Football? (working title)

SEGA Corp.

? ?Chromehounds? (working title)

SNK Playmore Corp.

? ?King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2? (working title)

Spike Co. Ltd.

? Title TBA

Square Enix Co. Ltd.

? ?Final Fantasy XI?

Success Corp.

? ?Zookeeper? (working title)

? ?Operation Darkness? (working title)


? ?World Airforce? (working title)


? ?Dead or Alive 4?

? ?Dead or Alive Xtreme 2?

? ?Project Progressive?

? ?Dead or Alive code: Cronus?

THQ Japan

? ?Saints Row?

? ?The Outfit?


? ?Zoids? (working title)

Treasure Co. Ltd.

? Title TBA

Ubisoft KK

? ?Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter? (working title)


? Title TBA

Yuke?s Co. Ltd.

? ?Wrestle Kingdom?


Japanese-developed games have been embraced across the world for their unique design, eclectic characters, film-quality production values and fantastic gameplay. With Xbox 360 providing next-generation muscle, these fascinating worlds and characters explode into the high-definition era. Today?s breathtaking game demonstrations proved to the world, with staggering results, what happens when Japan?s unique visionaries develop for the most powerful next-generation system.


?The next generation is here, and Microsoft is ready to deliver,? said Shigeru Yokoyama, Contents and Technology Company president of Namco. ?With the blend of powerful hardware, software and services, Xbox 360 allows us to create gaming experiences more satisfying, more lifelike and more interactive then ever before. The possibilities of some of our most exciting franchises and games, such as ?Ridge Racer? and ?Frame City Killer,? are limitless on Xbox 360.?


?Bandai is developing three exclusive games for Xbox 360, one of which is ?Mobile Suit Gundam,? a fully networked game that utilizes the Xbox Live? infrastructure. With a combination of HD quality and Xbox Live, gamers will be able to experience a totally new Gundam world,? said Shin Unozawa, president, Video Game Company, Bandai Co. Ltd.


?With Xbox 360, we are working with the most advanced gaming technology in the world to create the ultimate gaming experience,? said Isamu Fukada, director of Tecmo. ?Microsoft?s next-generation platform demonstrates a sincere commitment to delivering great games to the Japanese market.?


?Microsoft has assembled an impressive lineup of Japanese game developers and seems committed to producing games that appeal to this market,? said Michihiro Ishizuka, corporate officer, president, Konami. ?We are excited about the possibilities provided by Xbox 360?s powerful hardware and services, and look forward to creating dynamic new worlds for gamers to explore.?


Today?s demonstrations also showcased the innovative strides being taken to advance the online gameplay experience through Microsoft?s industry-leading online games service, Xbox Live. Xbox Live has a worldwide membership exceeding 2 million, having doubled its dynamic community in just one year ? the equivalent to adding one Xbox Live member every 30 seconds. With Xbox 360, gamers can expect incredible new experiences in the next generation of Xbox Live with features such as multiple levels of service (free Xbox Live Silver membership to premium Gold membership), Gamercards, Gamerzones, an integrated message center and Xbox Live Marketplace, a one-stop shop for downloadable content, including free and premium maps, levels, demos, casual games, trailers, and other game-enhancing content. Xbox 360 is on track to launch in three regions this Christmas holiday: Japan, Europe and North America. This three-region launch will be a first in video game history

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Yeah there was another site which had a list of all the files which will be on the HD. Ill try to find it
Here's one.


00:22:59:00 DVD OF GAME

00:03:19:00 01 DRIVE AWAY.WMA

00:04:03:00 16 - Z TRIP - FURIOUS.M4A

00:03:54:00 17 - SUNSHINE - WHAT YOU'VE GOT.WMA




00:03:54:00 BROTHER.WMA


00:04:14:00 GET UP.WMA



00:03:44:00 HELICOPTER.WMA


00:04:35:00 KRAFTY.WMA

00:03:32:00 PRESSURE.WMA


00:04:21:00 SHALLOW.WMA

00:03:41:00 STREETCAR.WMA

00:03:39:00 TAKE IT AWAY.WMA

00:03:34:00 THE RAZOR.WMA



Of the obvious music videos, "Punk Rock Superstar" is by Marcy Playground, "Take It Away" is by The Used, "Streetcar" is by Funeral for a Friend, "Band Girls Money" is by Tsar (I really like their debut album, so that's cool), and "Furious" is, as the file name suggests, by DJ Z-Trip. Head Automatica has a song called "The Razor", but I don't know if that's a video or what. Likewise for New Order's "Krafty". "Pressure", "Shallow", and "Helicopter" return too many results to find a match, if those even are music videos.

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Some more stuff from the event:




At the Xbox Summit 2005, Microsoft showed off its first mock-up of the Xbox 360's retail packaging: a simple white and green box that matched the console's color scheme.


The side of the Xbox 360's packaging listed the accessories that will be included with the console: a hard drive, wireless controller, Xbox Live, headset, and Ethernet cable. No cables for hooking up to a monitor were listed.


One side of the packaging had the slogan "Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system is you. It's your future. With the most strong games and the most powerful technology, Xbox 360 puts you at the center of your entertainment experience. With the Xbox 360, you can play the most compelling games, watch DVD movies, and share your digital music, photos, videos, and TV."


The packaging for the console's games was shown as well. It was a standard-size, plastic DVD case. The Xbox 360's controller was also on display, and it had a comfortable grip akin to Nintendo's GameCube controller. The alignments of the analog sticks and directional pad also resembled the GameCube controller.


Microsoft also showed off auxiliary accessories that will be available for purchase separately from the console. They include:


Wireless Controller - The 360 comes standard with one wireless controller. Additional controllers are sold separately.


Wired Controller - Wireless controllers can sometimes run into interference from outside sources.


Memory Unit - Xbox 360's memory unit comes with a plastic case to protect your saved data from harm.


Rechargeable Battery Pack - Additional batteries are available for the wireless controller.


Play and Charge Unit - This accessory lets you play with your wireless controller hooked to the Xbox 360 while also recharging it.


Quick Charge Unit - As the name may suggest, this accessory lets you charge your controller's battery quickly.


Wireless Network Adapter - This adapter is an antenna unit that can be plugged into the Xbox 360's USB port for wireless connection to the Internet (wireless LAN). It is compatible with IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11c.


Hard Drive - Additional hard drives will be officially available from Microsoft.


Remote Control - A remote control is available for accessing the Xbox 360's various functions.


Headset - Additional headsets will be offered for the Xbox 360.


Faceplates - As Microsoft announced during its initial Xbox 360 unveiling, the console's faceplates can be switched around to give it different looks.


VGA HD Cable - If you want to play with HD graphics, this is the cable that you'll need.


Component AV Cable - For players that want to use component AV.


S-Video AV Cable - For players that want to play with an S-video output.

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Some new trailers I uploaded for you guys to take a look at:


Nintey Nine Nights - Think Kingdom Under Fire on steroids (considering it's Phantagram that's not suprising) and it looks mighty impressive and fun to play.


Tokyo Extreme Battle comes to the x360


Final Fantasy XI on x360 - Looks like an almost direct port of Final Fantasy XI with very little if anything changed. :(


Enchant Arms Trailer - New RPG by From Sofware.


Frame City Killer Trailer - Looks much improved over the awful first showing. Still a bit too bland for my taste but coming along well.

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There is also a new party game coming for the Xbox360 by Yoshiki Okamoto and Gamer's Republic. The game is called Every Party and it will consist of a 3D board and a ton of mini-games. The game is not meant to take advantage of the 360's hardware and Okamoto is quoted as saying:


"I was asked by people as to why I'm making a party game for a next-generation machine, and whether it really needs the specs of next-generation hardware. But that's not what games are all about. Even nowadays, people play old-time games such as Famicoms. Games are, simply, supposed to be fun," said Okamoto.

The game will be network compatible in some way as Okamoto's big reason for releasing the game on the 360 is due to it's online capabilities. I definitely look forward to seeing more. I'm personally open to a good party game on the x360 if it's a blast online. :tu


You can read the full report here:



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Um, this won't interfere with Wi-fi?!!?!

From the official site

"It will be by far the most sophisticated wireless controller the market has ever seen," Ranta said. "It uses 'frequency-hopping spread spectrum.' A thousand times a second or so, it's changing frequencies and randomly hops around." You may not see it happening, but this is important because it cuts down drastically on the amount of interference you might encounter from other devices in your house. And, in the real world, "Not only do we try to use all the frequencies, but if it senses one that's always blocked, it'll stop using it," Ranta said. "It's an adaptive system that's very advanced." So, don't toss out your garage door openers or cordless phones, people. They will not be getting in the way.
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A German video interview with Phantagram about Kingdom under Fire: Heroes and Ninety Nine Nights



- NNN will be a launch title in Japan, but only feature the single player mode

- Release in Europe and US will be later, but feature the online multiplayer mode via Live

- game design and planning is handled by Q Entertainment under Mizuguchi (his first action title), Phantagram handles the technical implementation

- the game will be almost completely action ("action part of KuF x 10") and a little bit of strategy

- the units will have 10x the detail [compared to KuF I guess], feature bump-, normal-, specularmapping and other effects ("every single character will have almost Cg movie quality")

- the game will have about 2000-3000 units fighting the player (compared to 300 in KuF)

- the physics engine will play a vital role in gameplay, everything will interact realistically with each other

- the E3 trailer was pre-rendered (outsourced to a French studio) and they weren't exactly happy with the result, in their opinion the game looks almost better in real-time than the trailer

-they're planning a KuF sequel for next-gen consoles, "including Xbox360" (guess that means its also coming to PS3?)

- they also have plans for other games, including the long ago halted Duality and a new game called Strident (RPG titles)

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"Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system is you. It's your future. With the most strong games and the most powerful technology, Xbox 360 puts you at the center of your entertainment experience. With the Xbox 360, you can play the most compelling games, watch DVD movies, and share your digital music, photos, videos, and TV."


"Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system is you."? "The most strong games"? Does Microsoft really employ a bunch of chimps randomly pressing keys on a keyboard to write this stuff?


I am glad Microsoft is garnering more support from Japanese game developers for the Xbox 360 than they did for the Xbox (although they would be hard pressed to garner LESS support).

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- they also have plans for other games, including the long ago halted Duality and a new game called Strident (RPG titles)

Good news on Duality as I really liked the look of it when it was shown on the Xbox. Strident was another game due for the Xbox by Phantagram if I remember right though it's noted as being an RPG title. The game I remember was more action oriented. Here is a screenshot of it:



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"Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system is you."? "The most strong games"? Does Microsoft really employ a bunch of chimps randomly pressing keys on a keyboard to write this stuff?


Since it was shown in Japan, I'm striking it up to a bad translation somewhere along the way.

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