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2007? Damn I was thinkin it was closer to release than that.


Yeah, was a bit of a bummer to learn that from E3 :( I remember some people saying how it looked so complete at GDC and it'd probably be out later this year, but I think he actually showed all they had at that point. Just a really advanced (and pretty!) proof-of-concept demo.


Considering how awesome it already looked and that they're still taking another year on it, it could really be something amazing.

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Didn't feel like throwing this into the EA thread, so here we go...


It’s quite well known what an avid gamer Robin Williams is. Turns out he attended this years E3 and sat in on the demonstration of creature creation for the forthcoming game Spore. Halfway through Williams is brought up to the front to sit at the PC and create his own creature and his running commentary on perhaps what will be one of the most bizarre things you ever see is hilarious. "What creature wouldn't want to grab his own ass?"


At the end he also talks about his fondness for multiplayer gaming and first person shooters mostly on the PC, but praises the 360s online capabilities and how much he is enjoying going online with the console. He seems to like what he saw and played of the Wii (or Wii Too as he keeps seeming to call it. I think Reggie confused him at the start of his keynote).




You can download the 40 minute video as one file direct, or there’s torrent link as well. I grabbed it form the torrent, but you can also get it in segments. I’d imagine it’s segment 3 where Williams is brought up to the front (around 24mins in). Before that its Will Wright taking you through the basics of the game, and I have to say I really like the look of it.

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Here's a funny snip from one of the person in the comments section where Robin Williams is asked about his daughter.


I remember the story back in the day, a reporter heard his daughter was named Zelda and said "Oh like Fitzgerald?" And he said "no, like Miyamoto."



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Heh ouch. I had almost forgotten about this game until I saw this thread reserected. This game better be worth the wait.


Anyone else get a kick out of reading about EA's "financial woes" in that story?


1up isn't telling the full story, just to be clear. Revenue was up nicely for the year, and they bought a bunch of studios.

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I guess the demo was leaked and has been all over the net for a few days now. I came back from lunch to find some coworkers playing with it. It's really good fun, just being silly with it, and some people quickly created some cool-looking creatures. Impressive stuff, and loads of fun. I can't wait to get home and play with it!

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